Thursday, 29 September 2011

Does it have to be expensive to be of good quality?

"Ah, nice hair (bag or shoes or top) but it looks kind of cheap"!

I am sure most of us would have heard this before, said this before, or even thought this before.

That brings me to ask, what has cost got to do with anything? If truely the item is nice, suits the wearer and isnt tacky, why do u have to think of how much it costs????

I know a girl who cannot wear any piece of clothing that does not cost 5000 naira & above. According to her, the cheap ones are substandard. I really dont understand that. I dont get the mentality. So there cant be real nice things that come at a price that isnt cut-throat? This girl shops in shops at allen avenue and environs ONLY. I go to idumota and buy the exact same things she gets at, sometimes, as much as 3000 naira less! She tells me mine is not the real quality. Meanwhile i meet some of these allen and toyin street boutique owners in some of the shops i visit in idumota! The only difference between what i buy and what she buys is that hers have been placed in an air conditioned room!

My motor is - As long as it fits me, is presentable, nice, isnt tacky then i am good to go. I have never been one for high priced items. i look for places where they come less expensive and most times, end up getting, all round, a much better deal than those that strictly follow the its-better-quality-when-its-expensive principle. This mentality has seen boutiques and beauty shops charge outrageous amounts (with corresponding outrageous profit margins) on their items cos they feel that if they do any less, they will be seen as cheap and therefore not good. Well, every man (woman) to his (her) own, abi?

Maybe i should think of opening a shop of my own and get people with this mentality as customers. Mehn! e no go be small hammer o!


  1. lol..........u said it all. as far as its not tacky, im good to go. the whole big girlism thing is just too much in naija jor. oya, open ur shop shap shap o

  2. I wonder why people think that way sometimes, very frustrating yet funny enough most of the "so called" expensive stuff either do not look nice of the wearer or that expensive. I beg when should I come for the Grand opening of (Amaks's world of simply but chic shop) omg, did I just give that cute name to your shop?? lol cheers dearie.

  3. ok...Amaka, not only did I give you a cute name for your shop....I also just gave you the Versatile blogger award on my last post, so please check and pass it on:-)

  4. I agree with you completely. my mother always taught me to be thrifty. If i can get something of the same style and quality (sometimes better quality even) at a cheaper price, why should i waste my money on something more expensive? Just because of the label? I don't get why people do that. All you are doing is paying your hard earned money to promote that company or label for them. smh

  5. Amaka i`m beginning to think we are sisters!!! You just spoke my mind there... Serious i have bought fabulous $1 TOPS .. $5 blazers!!!!! and sister When i tell people they dnt believe me!!!

    I`m all about sales oo.. Even if its designer.. it has to be on sale mehn.. some of those designer clothes are pretty depressing!!

    Once it looks good on my fabulous body (dreams) I`m good to go:D

    Open a shop o lets make some money.. :D xx

  6. awww, at nightingale. u got me at 'Amaka i`m beginning to think we are sisters'.You could adopt me as ur blogsville sister na. It will be nice - sisters without the accompanying pillow fights!lol
    On a serious note though,i honestly do not understand why some people attach 'expensive' to 'nice' and 'good'. well, more grease to their elbows!


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