Thursday, 15 September 2011

One of our dear 1st lady, Dame Patience's classical speeches

"This is an indication that our advocasy to put our women where they are rightly belong ..................."
"We can see that we were the 1st ladies were called on conference...................."
"She testified that as they went there is as were struggling thats how kenya too is struggling..............."
Chei! I weak for Aunty Dame oo. What is all this?
Anyway, she chop money, people wey dey speak english, make them speak dey go. Afterall, one cant have it all abi?


  1. I hope the first lady takes some time off to go and study English and elocution. This is so terrible!

  2. yeah I think so too, read one on Linda's blog where she was suppose to be addressing some widows, and she said "My fellow widows" Lol. well....

  3. @ Myne, i dont think she even realizes she 'shoots' all these 'bullets' or if she does realize, she just dosent care. Cos this has been going on for a loooong time and there dosent seem to be any improvement in sight
    @ Priscy, 'my fellow widows' sef is outdated. there is a new one in town. In her reaction to the UN building blast, i heard she said 'i thank the doctors and nurses for responding to treatment'! Beat that!

  4. Its not her fault. Her speech writer should be sacked.

    She read what was presented to her. Or her chief of staff should insist she read ONLY written speech.

    Check out Banky-Moon. English no be we papa language. Na for only Naija we dey claim sabi pass who teach we.

    Left the woman jare. Una no listen to Abacha dem talk for him time? Ok, go to the Senate and House Reps chamber during them debate.


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