Friday, 23 September 2011

When is it time to spend the night with a new date?

My friend asked me early this week, 'is it time to go clubbing with him? Knowing that will end in me spending the night at his place'.
She met this amazing guy about 4weeks ago on her way from work. I dont usually approve of the kind of guys she happens to meet but this particular one blew me. He acts so matured and responsible. He speaks intelligently and confidently. He is yound and good looking. I was so happy for her and i really hope this relationship gets to the next level for her.
She always feels that some amount of time should pass before a girl agrees to spend the night with a guy. Maybe that is so, but how much time excatly???
I have always been of the oppinion that, in most cases, time dosent matter. It all boils down to the maturity and personality of the 2 people involved. Whether you kiss on the 1st date, whether you make love after 3meetings, whether you spend the night at his place after a week of meeting - IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO THE PERSONALITY OF THE PERSON YOU ARE DEALING WITH.

Some guys  feel put off and deflated if the girl continually insists on letting time pass before anything intimate can happen, some guys have walked out of relationships cos of this. Some guys like it and see the girl as being decent - Different strokes for different folks. Some like it , some dont. depends on who u are dealing with.

My friend expects my answer to her question 'Is it time to go clubbing with him'. She expects a yes or no response from me. What do you think i say to her????


  1. why cant she go home or stay with a friend or in a hotel after clubbing

  2. doll, u know how these things are. Asking a guy that u are supposed to be dating to take u home at 3am or take u to a hotel would scream 'i dont trust u!' and would kind of hurt the guy. thats what i think sha


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