Monday, 5 September 2011

Long finger nails on guys

Hope you all had a lovely weekend

I did. Rested well, though i still dread mondays no matter how much rest i have over the weekend.

Saw a guy in church yesterday with really long fingernails. And i thought, "What does a guy need long nails for?" For a babe, u could say its part of the 'inyanga' we do but on a guy?

I, personally, dont need my guy touching me with long nails. Those could cause some major damage *wink*. Different strokes for different folks sha

Enjoy your day!


  1. Lol, aside causing major damage, they are disgusting, and may cause some serous health implications. do visit my blog again sometime cause am following yours. cheers dear.

  2. personally i love to keep fairly long nail especially on my thumb and smaller finger; this has not affected my force field regarding ladies- i think they love it in fact...yes o, Amaka,diff strokes for diff folks

  3. @ Priscy, i sure will visit ur blog regularly now. Take that to the bank! lol
    @ Anon 21.54, good for you. at least ur thumb and little finger dont do much 'there'.


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