Friday, 9 September 2011

What if you are asked to choose between Facebook and your job?

For some people, Facebook is like a diary. They post EVERYTHING that happens to them day to day up there.
The even post stuff about work up on facebook.
Even the bad,derogatory stuff. Some dont accept their bosses invitation on fb just cos they cant bear for the boss to see the disses about him/her that have been posted.

They fail to realize that the internet is a limitless,open world where nothing is hidden.

Read story below about one of Applebee's employees who posts negative stuff about the company on fb:

Everyone needs a place to vent about their job, but Applebee's doesn't think that place is Facebook.
Jason Cook, a 36-year-old Applebee's employee from Federal Way, Washington, has found himself in a tricky position after he refused to sign a statement saying that he won't post disparaging content about his employer on the social network, according to ABC News.
After three years of working at the restaurant, Cook now has two choices: waive his right to speak up online or find a new Job.
"I was pretty much told it was going to come to a point where I was probably going to have to sign it or be let go," Cook told ABC.
Cook believes that Applebee's restriction on "negative speech" is vague and fears that the policy may hinder free speech. However, losing his job could be devastating to his family.

So next time you want to say ur boss looks like a frog, or that he is as uptight as a  basilmarket or that your company is so inconsiderate, think long and hard about it before it comes to "You either work here or u facebook all you want OUTSIDE here"

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