Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Does anyone deserve to be raped?

Some people say 'she must have caused it, she must have insulted him, maybe she dressed indecently etc' whenever they hear that a girl was raped.

i have been feeling really bad.

There has been this issue craeting a huge buzz in the web world about 5 Abia state university guys that gang raped a girl. That particular issue has my heart bleeding since i heard about it. I wished i never heard it. I feel so bad and helpless. I feel like justice is the only thing that can heal this for me. And this is just me, how will the victim herself be feeling if i am feeling this way???


A friend of mine was telling me how she was nearly raped in school (uni). She escaped from the guy and ran to report the incident to one of her brother's friend's who was a tough guy on campus. The 'justice' meted out on the guy somehow was rash but i think well deserved. He was stripped to his birthday suit, a little hole was made in the ground, and he was asked to 'rape the ground' - literally!!! He did that for several hours while guys waited on him with belts and canes.Since he was looking for somewhere to stick his 'thing', they gave him one, they gave him a hole whose owner wouldnt feel it - the ground. I dont think he will think of thinking to rape anyone again after that incident.

I really REALLY hope that some form of justice is served in this ABSU saga. At least to tell other people that it just isnt right for anyone to place himself in God's position and have a fellow human being beg him for his/her life

Just imagine if some humans had the power of night and day, hmmmm.

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