Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Good luck to a good friend

A very good friend and a colleague just left us for future pursuits. He left to further his education in Europe. Since he left, i have been feeling very low.
The way one person can affect another.
He is a very very nice guy, always ready to help out with work loads in the office (that aspect i will miss so very much), very jovial and fun loving. Intelligent to go with it.
He was like a brother. Now he is gone, for good anyway but that dosent make me feel any better.
Funny enough, work today has been kind of quiet, evryone minding his/her work and not talking too much. I wonder if it has anything to do with the one who is no longer here.
Anyway, he has arrived his school in europe and he says 'naija is in the last millenium'(his words excatly). he says he couldnt believe his eyes when he stepped off the plane in germany. That MM2 is a farm yard compared to what he saw there. But as correct naija boy, he has to maintain as if he sees stuff like that everyday. he said he almost stood and gaped when he saw 2 men kissing on the road!!!! I could just imagine what would have happened if that sight was beheld here in our beloved country. just imagine walking on a street in orile and 2 guys by the side of the road are kissing. before u say 'jack', multitude for don gather for their head. na God go save them dat day if people no stone dem.
I guess we have a long way to go civilization-wise (but i think being uncivilized in this particular dept. is a good thing) As for our infrastructures matching up with that of developed countries, i guess another millinium will pass us by (not trying to sound pessimistic but given the way things are going)
I miss my friend and i wish him well in his studies and furture endeavours


  1. Awwwwwwwwww, i'm so honured by this tribute. You were my elder sister back at work in naija; i miss your sense of humour and empathy.

    Our government needs to do more in concrete terms to upgrade the state of things back home. It's sad that we have the human and capital resources to effect development but management and accountability is the bane of our system. Incidentally, most of our government officials have there families here in the west and it baffles me how they cope with living in two different worlds!

    That's why we pray for naija in distress in the catholic church and i have stepped my prayers for our motherland. As for the psychocultural style here, it's a free world- just don't disturb the peace! The level of infrastructural development is unimaginable but we have seen all in their movies. Emotions are freely expressed so don't be shocked to see two tangoing in the park- peep and fade or u'll be charged with the famous 'invasion of privacy'.

    One new thing i have learned, never cross the road unless you see the cross sign active on the traffic sign post, if not; you'll be getting lots of 'get well cards'...Germany is the most powerful country in EU; naija must attain this position and i shall play m role in this quest as a naija boy in diaspora!

    I hold you in high esteem our dear versatile blogger!

  2. ...With tears gathering in my eyes, I say do us proud Obumneme Nzekwe .P....


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