Thursday, 1 September 2011

Tall women VS short men

I just saw a girl of about 16-17yrs and her height made me go "oops!". She is close to 6ft!!! And she isnt done with growing sef! So by the time she is done, how long, (sorry) tall, will she be? Will she have to look for a man that will match or supersede that height or will she be the 'tall-ee' in her relationships???

That reminded me of someone. Someone i know, who is really tall. She was always having average height guys come for her, guys she was more than a  head taller than. she always refused. Saying she couldnt date someone who is shorter than she is. Well, she waited and waited for an NBA player (shebi na them dey tall like nepa pole) to no avail. She eventually settled for a guy who isnt up to 5ft 6"! I guess as u get older, ur prorities rearrange themselves.

Is there anything wrong with a really tall girl being with a shorter man? Well, anything apart from them looking funny standing side by side? (u can just imagine having a girl whose boyfriend's eye level is her boobs!)


  1. As for me, i have issues dating ladies taller than me. It's kinda like i'm not in control. I really hope i can compromise someday...

  2. Very short men have few shorter women to choose from and those shorter women sometimes go for the tall men. Similarly, very tall women have to compete for the few taller men with very short women. I don't know why a 5 ft woman cannot be content with a 5'6 man and leave the 6'5 man to the 6 ft lady. Anyway, if you cannot get what you want, you must want what you get.


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