Friday, 2 September 2011

When to say THANK YOU

"Thank you, very much. Thanks dearie, Thank u ooo". Very familiar words arent they?

I picked a bike one day and on getting to my house, i said 'thank u' to the okada guy as i wanted to get money out of my wallet. The okada guy said to me "why u dey thank me abi u no wan pay me?"! In the mind of the bike guy, 'thank u' was only for favours gotten freely. in his oppinion, u dont say 'thank u' when u are paying for the service.

That was an okada rider's mentality but funny enough, a lot of the 'learned' people have that mentality.

One day at TFC adeniran ogunsanya branch, i was waiting for popcorn at the popcorn counter. I was in line along with a popular female nollywood actress. She was so arrogant and bitchy to the sales girl at the counter. when she evntually got her popcorn, she just snatched it from the girl and stormed away as if she was paying the girl to serve her or something. It was so sad a scene cos one would have expected some form of courtesy from a 'public figure'.

We meet people that are service providers every minute.

Anyway, i try to say 'thank u' whenever someone does something for me whether i am paying for it or not, no matter who the person is. It doesnt take anything from one. If anything, it adds some height to how the other person percieves u.



  1. it takes a lot of self will and courage to mold a virtue and i reckon that saying 'thank you' is one that is hard to adopt. It is actually easier that it seems.

  2. i always say thank you, as a policy


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