Friday, 2 September 2011

Friday-'Beer Palour' day!

No flood shall seperate me from my bottles. lol
At the beginning of my street is a very popular drinking joint. It doubles as a soccer match viewing centre as well. Every evening, there are cars parked all around whose owners/drivers are in the joint having a drink or 2 (or 3 or more). And most stay till very late in the evening.

Come rain or shine, these guys no send oo. They dey always show for joint.

And i just wonder,'are these guys' homes chasing them?' abi they have been warned not to get home until very late by their land lords (or maybe them dey dodge land lord).

Then comes fridays. Friday evenings is always a 'mass return' for all the regulars of the joint. They start packing thir cars as early as 4.30pm. some of them that work around the area just stay back after work till very late. Drinks, match arguments, girls the works!

One tuesday morning, i was driving on itire road to get out to ojuelegba. i just happened to look to my right and Lo and Behold (on a tuesday morning before 8am) i saw 3 guys, a woman and a younger girl in a store that looks like a joint, drinking! And NO, they were not drinking pure water or eva water, they were drinking Star! (@ least the men and the woman were while the young girl was taking smirnoff ice)

That early in the morning and shayo don start??? Flabbergasted!

And people dey cry say money no dey abi? Maybe Star money dey different.

Oh well, it friday again and TGIF. So choose how to spend ur evening.

Your call.


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