Monday, 29 August 2011

What a soccer slam weekend!

I didnt drive to work last week friday so i decided to join the BRT bus on my way home to beat the heavy traffic on ikorodu road. I waited and waited for a bus that had sitting space to no avail so i had to make do with 'standing' if i was to get home early enough. I got into one eventually. There were quite a number of people standing that there was barely space to move around so i stood close to the entrance door. I was wearing my Man U jersey. After about 2mins of my boarding the bus (i was thinking for how long i was going to stand and hoping that people will drop off soon so i can get a seat), the conductor beckoned on me to come and have his seat! I was dumbfounded. People standing before i got in were all there and he asked ME to come take his seat. It turned out he was a Man U fan and as i sat down he said 'United for Life'.You can bet i responded with all the gusto i could muster.

Come see bad belle people! Them begin fire the conductor say im be correct 'ojoro' man. Say make Man U fans no worry, say Arsenal go give them yawa on sunday. The argurement began. Me i no just send them, as long as nobody ask me to stand up. that one concern them. I throway face, leave conductor to im fate with the other club fans.(wetin i wan begin talk with all those strong face guys?)

A Man U jersey got me a seat when i was supposed to stand? I loved Man United more. Then came Sunday 28th August. Man U met Arsenal.

I no go talk pass like that.

Hope you guys had a swell weekend. (thank God 'IT' happened at the tail end of the weekend so at least gunners wouldnt lose too much weekend sleep)

Have a lovely week ahead and be good!



  1. I just don't like Man Utd

  2. @ In essence, thank u very much
    @ Anon: 17:28, sowwii


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