Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Suffering and smiling. Naija 4 life!

Yes oooo.

Un-employment, we dey smile dey go. Bad roads, we dey smile dey go. High price of everything, we dey smile dey go. No light, we dey smile dey go. Un-neccessary traffic caused by sheer lawnessness, we dey smile dey go. Ethnic and religious scuffles, we dey smile dey go. Bomb blast, we dey smile dey go.

*singing* We are suffering and smiling.

If half the stuff this country has gone through happens in most other countries, there would have been a major revolution a long time ago. But of course, nigerians are hustlers, and like chameleons, we adapt ourselves to whatever environment we find ourselves.

This should be a good thing i guess.

Today on one radio station, a man called in to say this "abeg, make una help me ask NEPA if them wan bomb our area. Which kain light them dey give us since this week. Dem never take light since and we dey fear. if their off/on switch don spoil, abeg make them go fix am beacuse this kain too much light dey fear person. Before our house catch fire"

It was funny, but that is a Nigerian for you. We have gotten to the level where what ought to be 'normal' comes as a shock to us. We run around to make best use what should be our constant right before it is taken away from us cos we have somehow come to believe that we dont deserve these things.

My aunty went to dubai and immediately she entered her hotel room, she went to plug her phone to charge before 'NEPA takes light'. It took an effort for her to remember she wasnt in Nigeria anymore.

That is the level the people we asked to lead us have dragged us to. Good roads is seen as a priviledge. Basic amenities are luxuries rather than basic

And yet, we are ranked 'one of the happiest people on earth' (who even conducted that survey? Who dem ask sef?)


  1. ah, Naija guys and babes are resilient o! that's why we can adapt to any situation and condition. Our religious orientation also helps us remain optimistic in the midst of near hopelessness0 but if you dont fuel your hope, na die be dat oo. Up naija

  2. my dear, i tire o! Naija - happy for life!

  3. Lol on your aunties case, but you see my dear, this is Africa for you. Its everywhere our leaders are self seeking and they do not care much about us, the Grace of God is what is keeping us going. cheers dear.


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