Monday, 12 September 2011

A Mad Man goes to Church!

Hey Guys, how was ur weekend?
Hope you went to church? Dont look back, it's you i am asking, yes, YOU.

I woke up kind of tired yesterday. Those 2 voices (you know the ones i am talking about dont u?) started in my head.
Voice 1: Hurry up, get out of bed and get ready for church
Voice 2: Whats the rush? You are feeling tired. sleep some more. You could go for evening service (I almost never end up going for evening service whenever i say i would)
Voice 1: Dont mind him oo. You know you wouldnt make it for evening service. When was the last time you said u will go and actually went? Its better u dress up and go now
Voice 2: Dont worry. I will remind you to go in the evening. I promise

Well, finally, i was able to heed to voice 1. I got ready and off to church i went.

Got there before mass started, found a choice seating position and sat down. A few minutes later, a mad man, really dirty, scruffy looking mad man strolled up and took the seat in front of me. He even bought the sunday bulletin sold for 30naira!!! The guy just take seat, siddon well well, relax sef dey wait make mass start...

It was a very...........astonishing sight to behold. Everyone that came to sit down, upon realizing that he was mad man, will hastily back up and walk briskly away (trying so hard not to look like they are running cos of the guy). He was soooooooo dirty!

Mass started and i noticed a lot of people were standing behind. the guy had the entire pew to himself. was he bothered? For wia. During reading of the bible passages, he stared at his bulletin as if he was following the readings. i only got to know he wasnt when people were in page 3 and he was still staring hard at the front page! Apart from that, he did everything else when he was supposed to - sat when people were sitting, stood when people were standing, knelt when people were kneeling. The guy really prepare to come serve God yesterday. Before offering, he had had enuf, he stood up and calmly walked away and out of the church. come and see people rushing for his seat.

That got me thinking.

If sane people dont serve God, mad people would. There is a portion of the bible that said (when will i be able to actually quote the scriptures chapter and verse???) "If you living beings dont serve the Lord, HE will raise stones and dry bones to praise Him".

Food for thought. Dont serve God like you are doing Him a favour. Do it for yourself. Cos if u dont, zillion of others will.

Wishing you all a terrific week ahead.
Take care ad please be good



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