Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who was the 1st person you had a crush on?

Crushes. we all have them. sometimes we outgrow them, sometimes we dont. sometimes they last for years, sometimes they die down after a little while. Some crushes are reachable (you can actually reach them if u want) some are not recheable (like having a crush on Micheal Jackson! - when he was alive ooo)what are these crushes sef? they are simply infatuations! You see someone, in real life or on TV and u just think 'wow, i would love to be with this person'. now it depends on you to say what kind of 'be with' you mean. it could be that u would love to be his/her friend. it could be that u'd love to be his/her lover. either way, u want the person
I am sure we have felt this way one time or another - with that ur classmate, that ur neighbour, that musician, that actor, that designer, that ur boss etc
Now think back, who was the 1st person u had a crush on?
My 1st crush was a nollywood actor back in the days - Ernest Obi! (local league? yeah i know) wonder where he is now sef. who was urs???

What songs take you down memory lane?

Sometimes, u hear a song and you stop in your tracks. 'That song, oh that song'. It probably has reminded you of something - either something you would rather not remember or something sweet, that u'd want to savour for the time being.
I have loads of songs like that. i heard one this morning & i have been in my secondary school since then! Casanova by Daniel Wilson (all those born between 1980 and 1985 should somehow know this song) it was the in thing of the time. "excuse me my lady, tell me what's your name, all i need is a girl like you spending all with me...................". this song took me back to JSS1 and reminded me of my school mother. She used to take me to their senior's hostel and MAKE me sing the whole entire song to her class mates and to sing it with all the swag of a musician o! if i dare frown my face while singing it or not move my body the way Daniel Wilson would, i am in hot okro soup!
Other songs that are my drivers down memory lane are 'African Queen' and 'Ole' by Tuface - takes me to 3rd year in university when i just started living on my own and i bought my 1st radio. I thought i had arrived o. I always played Tu face's album but these 2 songs stand out in my mind. Then there is 'Yori Yori' by Bracket - My traditional wedding ceremony. i danced and danced and danced (or rather i TRIED to dance and dance and dance cos i wouldnt really say i pull it off well. lol). N'abania by Flavour and Love is wicked by Brick & Lace now those remind me of a very good, interesting but troublesome friend and her boyfriend. wonder where she is now. They broke up and i havent heard from her since. she used to be so much fun to be with.
What songs drive YOU down memory lane and where do they take you to????

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Why are we the way we are?

Have you sometimes wondered why you act the way you do? Have u thought of what is responsible for the choices u make? Now dont tell me 'upbringing' o, cos i am sure most of us were given good upbringings yet we do some very wrong things, we say wrong things, we think wrong things. Before we commit an act, there are usually 2 voices that we hear in our heads(our conscience). in sunday school, we were taught that those voices are that of an angel and the devil. truth is, we know which is which yet we most times go with what the devil says.
FREEWILL (ability to make whatever choices you wish to make) - PREDESTINATION (everything happening on earth has been destined to happen from the beginning of time) this is always where i get confused. if everything has be destined to happen the way they happened, then noone should be held accountable for wrong doings, dont you think?
Does this happen to you? sometimes, before you do something, you have this flashing feeling of what that action will result to and in most cases it does happen the way we felt it. ie, u think of taking something not belonging to  you and ur mind says 'u will be caught, dont do it' yet u take it thinking 'if i am sharp enough i wouldnt be caught' but u end up being caught and then you ask urself 'but i knew i would be caught so why did i do it'? thats when we hear people say 'its the devils handiwork'
I thank God i am a catholic christain, honestly, cos i dont have to try to understand. I just have to accept life and strive to listen to the 'angel' voice and do what he says.

When 'peeing' could have turned disastrous!

I have, inadvertently, observed the act of letting out urine AKA peeing and have come to the conclusion that between the two genders on earth, men LOVE the act more than their female counterparts! yes. they seize every little opportunity to let 'johnny' get some fresh air. see them at 'beer parlors', men! that is their peeing circle. 1hr and some have gone 5times.
Anyway, for today, i will just gist you about an encounter that would have ended with the caption 'man died after a brief peeing experience'.
On my way home from work one of these evening when traffic seems to be having meetings with its clansmen. i was already in surulere but not home yet around the masha area. i noticed this guy doing his thing at the foot of a nepa pole. you know the way the eye just keeps straying to where it isnt needed. anyway, i wasnt looking at him oo (b4 bad belle people will begin to open their mandibles and maxillea,chei i go school oo), i just happened to look at that direction when suddenly electric wires on the nepa pole begin to spark!!!
Ol boy,una say usain bolt dey run? for where?check this guy out! before we could say 'wetin' the guy had taken off down the road, almost got knocked down by a bike with his fly open and the 'john thomas' as petrified as the owner. i didnt want to laugh cos , haba, the guy just escaped death by whiskers. i didnt at the time. but thinking back now i am ROTFLMAO! dis will teach them to be more conservative about where they do their business.
Catch ya later!

Welcome to my world!

Hello there guys,
This is to officially welcome you all to my notepad, where i share experiences (funny and non - funny), stories and generally gist with you. I envisage us having a fun ride right here so make una no fall my hand or else..............
So catch ya right here same time, same station (hold up girl, u no dey on radio). ohh sorry i will rephrase - catch ya right here all the time, everytime as i bring to you my scribbles