Friday, 28 October 2011

Diamond and Gold dispensing ATM!!!

Mehn, i just had to write about this!

Just imagine what it will be like if we had an ATM machine that instead of dispensing cash, actually churns out diamond jewellery, gold bars and silver bars! Yeah. I am not dreaming.
Bollywood actress Raima Sen poses with an example of what can come out of India's new diamond- and gold-dispensing ATM machine during its unveiling in Mumbai on October 22, 2011.
(Credit: Getty Images)

The Gitanjali Group of India - self-described as the "world's largest integrated conglomerate of diamonds, jewelry and lifestyle brands" - seems intent on proving that the ever-growing class of wealthy Indians also have an insatiable appetite for outlandish luxury goods. Over the weekend, they unveiled what is most likely the world's first diamond- and gold-dispensing ATM in Mumbai.

The diamond ATM machine in India, according to its developers, is "designed like an ATM, the machine however will dispense gold and silver bars coins, pendants with religious motifs; as well as a range of diamond studded jewellery, making it the first of its kind anywhere in the world. High on convenience, this new retailing format will be ideally suited for last minute purchases on auspicious occasions and for gifting, providing instant gratification to the purchaser."
The company claims there will be dozens of options for purchase using your debit or credit cards, as well as cash. Although details are vague, Gitanjali has announced plans for several more machines in "places with high consumer footfalls"
If the gold- and diamond-dispensing machines show success in Asia, it is safe to assume they will spread the world-over before long.

Ol boy eh! If that ATM dares touch ground for naija, na im be say dem also need to invent cream wey go make the person wey wan use am invisible. So that when the person finish, area boys no go carry im and im gold dey go house! lol


  1. LOL @ "invisible cream"...i think it's weird. Imagine a guy wants to propose to a girl..he can just get the ring dispensed from the machine sharply. India people get time..o!

  2. It might be useful in the long run but it just sounds like overkill at this point.

  3. interesting invention abi wetin i go call am sef. Good for them. It would just make the crime rate higher in naija.

  4. Waow! how I wish we have it in Ghana. Thanks for sharing.

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