Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Who do you trust?

Monday was a public holiday here in naija, and while i was lounging and lazying about at home, my colleague and dear friend was having her heart broken by a family member she trusted and had accomodated for over 5 months.

What happened? My friend (hereafter referred to as 'she') met someone on facebook who claimed he was family. She made consultations and truely the guy was her 2nd cousin. But since she didnt travel home a lot, she didnt really know him or his siblings. The boy said he was in the States and would be coming to Lagos soon. He asked her if she could accomodate him. She obliged and the guy came to her house. A visit she thought would last for a day or 2 turned to weeks into months. She didnt complain cos she had space in her house. As the guy stayed, she began trusting him and letting down her guard. 2 weeks ago, she was a bit down and needed to give someone some money. Here was where she made the mistake - she gave the guy her atm card to go help her withdraw money to give the person. He did that and all went well. Monday morning, she woke up to find the guy's stuffs gone and some few minutes later, debit alerts from her accounts started flying into her fone! Before she could say 'jack robinson' 120k don develope wings fly comot from her account!!!

Classic case of "biting the finger that fed you"

A text also came in from the guy's number saying "I am not a thief, i know what i am doing. I am out for revenge. My father told me all your father did to him, how he killed him and i am here to wreck vengence so my father's soul can rest in peace". Can u imagine?

My friend's father died in 1992 and this guy's father died in 2006. How could a man dat died 14years earlier have possibly done??? Ok, lets assume the 2 fathers actually had something going on, who is this guy to come and exert vengence after being taken good care of for so long? Was that text just an excuse for his robbing behaviour?

So many questions, no answers. The guy has switched off his fone (a fone my friend got for him), has de-activated his facebook account and generally gone incommunicado.
Its just so sad lenghts some people can go to repay kindness. Makes one wonder if helping people is worth the stress.

My philosophy, though, is this - keep doing good. It hurts when you are repayed with evil but God sitting on the throne will make you smile at the end.

How are you guys doing?


  1. My sister always says there's a punishment for every good deed. It shouldn't stop us from doing good anyway.
    I know this is medicine after death but letting someone who is practically a stranger come stay over at your house?? recipe for disaster. I hope your friend is fine tho

  2. the guy is a THIEF!!!! theres no excuse whatsoever for his behavior. Your friend should have been more careful. thank God he didnt kill her........since hes out for revenge

  3. That guy is very ungrateful. I feel for your friend. Thank God he didn't hurt her. Na wa for people sha. Why visit the "seeming" sins of a father on the children?

  4. I'm just curious to know if both were emotionally involved in anyway shape or form. I'm at loss as to how you keep someone whom from reading the story is more or less considered a stranger for 5 months under your roof? What were his reasons for over staying his welcome? Did he have a job or business that he did during this period?

    Anyway what goes around comes around, his wrong doing will catch up with him but a valuable lesson learnt not to be too trusting too soon despite your good intentions.

  5. I thought I was reading a script from super story then remembered I am reading a life experience. It is rather unfortunate that her seeming good deed has been repaid with evil. Guess she should have been more careful. No matter what, family or no family, the guy is a stranger. Thank God though that he didnt harm her, all he did was steal money. Now in his mind, I guess he has avenged his dad* who does that these days?*

  6. She wasnt emotionally involved with the guy, couldnt have been since it was made clear that they are related by blood. Besides, the guy is like 8 years younger than her. She asked her family members and they confirmed the guy was really family and he gave this excuse of not wanting to stay in the east. So she let him stay with her. She never envisaged this could happen.

    I have told her to be thankful that the guy didnt poison her cos he was always at home whenever she leaves for work for the entire 5months, doing nothing.

  7. Way too risky....I am curious, what was it that the fathers had together in the first place?! I know you may not know. It is more like a rhetorical question....
    Thank God she is ok for now but she has to keep her eyes open. Anyone who is capable of doing/saying that can still find other ways to harm her.

  8. Thank God he didn't hurt her. I think he is just excusing his stealing. Too bad. SMH.

  9. What a silly excuse to steal a THIEF is a THIEF jor,nonsense least she is fine its just money she would get it back but she needs to be careful from now on.

  10. Seriously, this sounds more like a Naija movie than real life. People like him can never make anything out of their miserable lives. They will continue to be losers except they change their ways. It hurts when a favour is paid back with betrayal.

  11. Very unfortunate thing to happen to your friend, God tests good people in many ways and I would say that this is one of his great tests. Money lost can be regained, we should look at the bright side and be thankful that he didn't harm her physically or something like that. But I do indeed agree with you, we should keep doing good regardless of whatever challenges we face because in the end God will know that we are good souls on the day of our Judgement.

  12. He will one day steal from someone who will go to any lenght to deal with him.


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