Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Why do we feel bad when told 'You are adding weight'?

Yes. Why?
Me, you, most people. Women especially.We just dont like it when people say we are getting bigger. Could it be cos we have been made to believe in our subconscious that big isnt nice? that skinny is it? Could it be cos we wish we wouldnt get fat?
I met with some friend over the weekend, we hadnt seen each other in over 5 years. one of us used to be real skinny back in the day. Lo and behold, the day we met, she was fatly fat! It was all i could do not to shout out in shock. As God will have it, i didnt. Someone else did and did she get tongue lashed for it? She went - 'what? so-and-so, what happened to you (like the fat girl had a terminal infection or something) How come you are now this big??? Our former-skinny-but-now-fat friend just gave it back to her instantly! 'what is your business? Do u feed me?What nonsense? You, why are u so skinny? What happened to you? It is how i want to be and it dosent concern anybody'. She went on and on and on. We had to intervene in order not to spoil the reunion. Maybe it was the way the 1st girl presented the 'fat' issue. But i have reaslized that women genrally, dont like been told they are adding weight

I dont think i like it either, though i tell myself before anyone tells me so it doesnt hurt as much.

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  1. hahah.....ill say good for that your friend. i personally HATE it when people go like..."what are you eating?" im like WTH!!!!! yu didnt just say that.
    but seriously sha, being slim is like the new accepted identity, u have to be that way to be......ermmmm....."foin".
    i see myself replying like that ur friend too but with more words.lol. i just think we should be comfortable with who we are

  2. its annoying for some strage reasons!.

    I hate to be told i have put on weight as well

  3. lmao @ Fatly fat. I saw a school mate too over the weekend (he's a guy tho) and i could not recognize him...he was soo skinny but now hugely fat. Had to tell him he's looking like an aristo/politician already and he's less than 30. Me, i wuld love to add some. pple keep disrespecting when they c dat ur "janjala"

  4. lol @ Luciano, no be small ' but with more words'
    @ Doll, yeah totally understand
    @ Toinlicious, LWKMD @ 'janjala'. Being ages i heard that word

  5. I guess it's because it just reminds one of how trim they used to be. It's annoying sha. Thankfully, i have never been fat, but even if i'm to comment on a friend's weight gain, i say it in a nice way. Not the "what have you been doing to yourself" kind of way.


  6. lol.lol.. beacuse the more weight we put on.. the older we look.. hahahaha..

    But its nice when people say it in a nice way.. Like they tell my.. your cheekys are getting really rosy.. lol..lol

  7. hahahahahahaha lol i know that feeling jare...very annoying.i use to be skinny back in school infact i was almost disappearing now when people see me they go....ha what happened to you? you are FAT and my answer always is...i saw the light,you should try looking for it too.


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