Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Aso Ebi Palaver

When i was growing, i was made to believe that the tradition of people wearing uniform clothes (aso ebi) was for the yourbas. Then, in my place, the only time a family wore the same clothes was when someone died. The uniform showed that the wearers were members of the deceased's family. Gradually, families started wearing uniform clothes for weddings (both traditionals and white) as well. Then extended families joined in, then close friends, then not-so-close friends. Then other parties joined in, even birthday parties.

These days anyone can wear aso ebi to a party. it doesnt matter who it is. I knew a girl in school who made it a point of duty to buy, sew and wear any aso ebi and even attend the event no matter where it was. cos she thought being on the aso ebi train was the fastest way to get noticed by a guy (potential boyfriend). Cant say her marketing paid off cos she was still very very single (boyfriend and husband wise) when we graduated.

Thing is, i dont even like wearing same kind of clothes with people. I have never liked it. As a child, when my mum makes same clothes for my cousins and i and made us wear it on the same day,once we get to wherever we were going, i will get missing from the pack. This was in a bid not be seen wearing 'uniform' with them. I will try to be as far away from them as possible to try to hide the act that we were wearing the same cloth.

Learnt that these days,its a money making avenue for the bride. She buys the clothes, then sells them at a little above cost price and people buying do so as a form of contribution towards  the wedding. Well, sounds good sha. Cant remember if i have ever worn aso ebi for any event before. And i didnt even bother to saddle anyone with the obligation of buying mine so i didnt have asoebi for my wedding. My contribution for people's weddings usually comes in form of my attendance and my nicely wrapped gift (or envelope as the case may be)

Now, some people are just taking it too far. How can u be wedding and expect your friends to buy aso ebi that cost 50 thousand naira! Yes, 50K. Isnt that a little too extreme. I just got that brief and i am pretending not to have heard that. 50thousand???? So wait, na me wan do the wedding for u? Abi u wan collect the money for the food wey i go chop that day from my hand? For this austerity time? I will sit down in my house, thank u very much.

How has your week being going. Its mid week already and there are 2 lovely days of public holiday just right ahead. Talk about silver lining on a dark cloud. Cant wait



  1. 50gees? Is it one of those BellaNaija type wedding a la Ajimobi, Adenuga, Fowler dem dem? If yes, thn perhaps they are being charged for publicity...
    Otherwise, I don't know o! MAybe make friends with one of the people who bought the fabric and make a quick trip to Gbagi in Ibadan, I can assure you, you will find at least the cheap

  2. lol@Honey but dats d deal mehn. Ibadan ya sharply. 50 kini? and i was complaining about 20k! All these pple who i been investing in their wedding must buy me a car or house for my wedding o!

    As for the break, can't wait!!

  3. lol @ honeydame, abeg where the Gbagi dey? i no for mind visit them sha. So a whole China/USA babe like you sabi where to go buy 'chinko' cloth for nigeria? lol
    @ Toinlicious no worry, all those people will buy ur own aso ebi back and u can build a house and buy a car with the proceeds (na im be say u wan do ur own aso ebi 100k!) Noticed you changed ur profile pix, i loved the other one. it was so sharp, i used to feel like you were actually looking at me whenever i see that picture. This one is nice though

  4. lol @ HoneyDame. No mind those people that want to exploit people by selling their aso-ebi for N50K. shiooorrrrr. I love wearing aso-ebi for weddings(only when i know the couple). It's my way of contributing to your wedding and nope, will not pay more than a certain amount for it.

  5. I love the way u write, I also enjoy the pidgin in the comments, cos it makes me feel as though I was watching one 9ja movie. kudos keep writing, i'll keep reading and commenting.

  6. @ Che,exploitation no even do the thing justice sef. make i no just write the word wey i wan call wetin e be.
    @ Docia, awww thanks so much sweet. keep reading, keep commenting and i will keep u get this 'tuale' salute wey i dey throway for you. lol


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