Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Me? Versatile blogger? Yayyyy!!!

Priscy you are the bomb!!!

I feel like i just won the grammy's (yeah, that high). A dear blog friend (priscy) has deemed me fit to be called a versatile blogger. I am somewhat new in the blogville, that should give u a little idea as to why i am so overjoyed.

Now, one of the requirements for recieving this award is to tell 7 things about urself, so here goes:

1) I love polite and courteous people and try so hard to be too.
2) I am very outspoken. People love me for it, some others dont (too bad)
3) I have a dimple on just one cheek!  (yeah, weird)
4) I honestly wouldnt mind meeting Tuface one on one (love the guy's music to bits)
5) I used to wish (and still sometimes do) that i learned teakwando or karate as a child so i can defend some defenceless people cos i HATE injustice with a passion!
6) I recently found out this site, wivesroundtable ,  and have been going there to vent! (pheww, and it has really been refreshing as well as entertaining)
7) I am in love with 2 guys and dont know what to do!!!!!

That was not quite easy (and i thought i knew myself, lol)

Anyway, thats about it and i thank all you bloggers for making blogging interesting,entertaining and educating.



  1. mw too, i have a dimple on one cheek and i support the claim of you being a versatile blogger...kudos

  2. 2 guys hmm! i thought you were married o! i must have picked that from your previous posts.

    Nice list and congrats on the awards.

    P.S i still go to the gym, 5 times a week or 4 at the minimum

  3. yeah doll, i am married (so i couldnt outsmart u on that one?lol) and the 2 guys are my husband and son!

  4. I knew you were talking about your husband and son once I read it...we Nigerians are not that forthcoming with information.

    I also have one dimple! Congratulations on your award.

  5. lol @ natural nigerian. hmm, people are getting off that not-being-forthcoming mentality oo. Babes now lay it bare no matter what! (i am one of the few still 'shying' behind)

  6. Congrats on ur award. first time here and following. You can check out my blog too.

    p.s, ur supposed to mention 15 recently discovered blogs that you find interesting :-)

  7. 4got to add, 1 dimple? dat shuld be cute. i love dimples

  8. Love, your blog and love you. Just found ur blog nd you bet I'd add you to my blogroll.(am still a nu comer oh)criticisms are welcome.

  9. @ Toinlicious - Thanks babe.
    Wow! Oyindamola, welcome to blogsville. Happy to have you. keep coming back,will ya? *rushing over to check out ur blog*


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