Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Jet age. Where exactly are we flying to?

I remember when we were very young, When TV used to start transmission at 4pm - starting with the 'shhhhhhhh', then the coloured lines, then the national anthem, then the program line up read out by a tired looking presenter and ends transmission at 11.30pm. When we used to rush home to watch 'Tales by moonlight', 'fraggle rock', 'ovid video', Sesame street etc. When we used to play in the sand, building sand castles when it  rains. When respect from a kid to an elder was mandatory. God help you, you see an elder and dont greet, the 'konk' u get on ur head will tell u the full story! When you dare not 'put ur mouth' when ur parents are talking with their friends. Try it and recieve icy stares from all parties that will send u scampering to safety! When we used to dance 'running man' and 'scissors' and 'butterfly' steps- dance steps that required one to keep ones body and bodily parts to oneself while trying not to punch the other in the face. When kids knew bad things (yes we did) but were terrified of making it known that they know.

Fast forward to now

TV broadcast is 24/7, Kids dont really watch cartoons now cos its 'boring' (thats according to them), its now one teenage series or the other - Hannah montana and the rest. They could manage the animations like shrek, ice age etc but that has to be on dvd or from a computer system. Respect?? You are on ur own. Kids these days lack it! Most anyway cos i know there are still good kids out there. I have a cousin who looked his grandma in the face and said 'fuck u' and his mum just laughed and said 'he is just a kid'!!! (he was about 4-5 at the time). Kids these days see u and stare into ur eyes, probably waiting for u to say 'good morning' to them. Parents and friends having a conversation is free for all 'oppinion-sharing' in some families. The kids just contribute as they like, not minding that they werent invited to the gist. See dancing moves in parties, chei, it is short of making out! Girls roll their waists sometimes into the groin area of the boys with the boys holding the girls' asses in their hands and flowing to the rhythm! Yes i have seen that happen (on video) and the adults were laughing and having fun. Dressing nko? Let us leave that side for now.

I then ask myself, what is the problem???

Is it that we are scared of training our children well, so as not to offend them? Are we taking this 'liberalism' too far? We are in the new millenium so we should let them train themselves??? Its just sad to see the SPEEDY downward spiral our kids are on. I hear the kid of things some kids do these days and i just shake my head. It all boils back to home training. It isnt all about how intelligent the child is, how well he/she is doing at school. Abeg, Biko, Ejoor, (dont know the hausa version), let us try to teach these leaders of tomorrow. They wouldnt bite us if we try. They are our future

My day was FULL of challenges, one work crisis after the other. It wasnt funny. Somehow, i find peace and sanity here and so here i am.
Hope you all had it better.

You take care. Ciao


  1. Oh gone are the days.....and you forgot using hibiscus flower to make *okoro soup*

    as for children of these days i have no idea how to describe them at manners whatsoever

  2. The world is changing. Most parents are trying to maintain friendships with their kids. I have no idea where that school of thought came from but parent-child relationships have been reinvented into buddy systems...the roles have switched and now, it is the parents trying to get into the kids good graces....
    smh...forgetting that there is a reason why they are called kids.
    God help us sha

  3. you need to see the fight me and my aunt get into anytime i visit her. kids now are just so can yu tell a whole me to "shut up" when im not even talking to yu? i slapped him upside down. come and see the mother giving me lectures.........mtcheww
    i think the world is coming to an end

  4. @ luciano ha the mothers are also part of it cousins would tell you go away and leave me alone the mother would be laffing saying they are just kids

  5. I just wanted to say it and Luciano and Martha already said that. The parents are a big part of the problem, not just the media or kids.

  6. I think everyone has spoken my mind

    A lot of parents are more worried about being friends to their kids than they are about being good parents.

    You cant blame media for how a child behaves. TV, Computers, Phones etc all have an 'OFF' should be used

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  8. Oh! Amaka, you sent me down my memory lane. I don't thinks its either the fault of parents or the media. You know the Bible says "there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heaven. Read my piece titled "Did you employ that teacher?" via

  9. Okay, now you've been reading my blog/mind, my words exactly! Where have y'all been? Happy to meet. Goodness gracious, I'm among friends, feeling so at home. It gets lonely in this new world!

  10. @ Uzo, we are sooooo happy to have you. (i guess i speak for all when i say) Welcome to our family. lol


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