Wednesday, 27 July 2011

When 'peeing' could have turned disastrous!

I have, inadvertently, observed the act of letting out urine AKA peeing and have come to the conclusion that between the two genders on earth, men LOVE the act more than their female counterparts! yes. they seize every little opportunity to let 'johnny' get some fresh air. see them at 'beer parlors', men! that is their peeing circle. 1hr and some have gone 5times.
Anyway, for today, i will just gist you about an encounter that would have ended with the caption 'man died after a brief peeing experience'.
On my way home from work one of these evening when traffic seems to be having meetings with its clansmen. i was already in surulere but not home yet around the masha area. i noticed this guy doing his thing at the foot of a nepa pole. you know the way the eye just keeps straying to where it isnt needed. anyway, i wasnt looking at him oo (b4 bad belle people will begin to open their mandibles and maxillea,chei i go school oo), i just happened to look at that direction when suddenly electric wires on the nepa pole begin to spark!!!
Ol boy,una say usain bolt dey run? for where?check this guy out! before we could say 'wetin' the guy had taken off down the road, almost got knocked down by a bike with his fly open and the 'john thomas' as petrified as the owner. i didnt want to laugh cos , haba, the guy just escaped death by whiskers. i didnt at the time. but thinking back now i am ROTFLMAO! dis will teach them to be more conservative about where they do their business.
Catch ya later!


  1. Hmmm!!! What a story!!!. Well i guess you really cant cheat nature. I am glad that the guy did not lose his life as a result of heeding to natures call.

  2. LWKMD, 'johnny' would have been electrocuted. poor guy. hahahahaha

  3. Go Babe, the sky is too close to be your limit.
    If I may ask, how did you notice the petrified John since you were busy driving oh I forgot, you were in traffic...thought you actually went out of your way to sight-see the poor little Johnny.

  4. i disagree abeg...i have seen women presumably of good decorum do it right there. I mean behind a parked bus, behind a transformer and even just by a sign's amazing an act to see.
    So, it's a moral issue that must be address from the home...

  5. I guess if you gotta go, you gotta go.. literally.

  6. LOL. that was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.

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  8. LMAOROTF, this is too funny. But really, that's the way nature plays her trick on us all newaiz (women inclusive). Love it


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