Friday, 21 October 2011

Does pimples actually have a cure?

I went over to an interesting blog i just found out, naijabankgirl . she had just gotten the Stylish and Versatile Blog Award and had to say some things about herself. One of the 7 things she said was that she had had to battle pimples for a long time. I could relate so well with this!
I didnt start having pimples when my mates where having theirs - between the ages of 13 and 18. My pimple breakout started after i should have gotten past the adolescence stage! I started having the tiny annoying stuffs when i was almost 20yrs. My friends used to taunt me that i was having late adolescence. It was so very annoying. It made me so self conscious. You can imagine just meeting this real cute boy, hanging out with him for about 2days and on the 3rd day u wake up to find about 7 boil-like looking stuffs on your face with whitish thing like pus. Mehn!!! I used to feel so bad. I tried everything - Nixoderm, one funny smelling sulphur cream (have forgetten the name), cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, facial wash, different soaps, even tetmosol soap (tetmosol used to be so hot that if u bath with it as a woman, u had to be careful it dosent get into 'you-know-where', else u will dance alanta for the next like 1hour while exposing the affected 'area' to fan, AC and other cooling devices!!!)
Well, i did all the 'normal' stuff and even ventured into the 'not-so-normal' ones ; akanwu (potash) mixed with lime (that burnt the crap out of my face!), rubbing honey on my face (i killed an ant on my face that night and didnt try it again). Then the advises started coming in - 'Use early morning urine to was your face' (yuk), 'Rub close-up on your face and wash it after 1hr'. I didnt pay heed to any of these obsene advices sha. The height of the advises was 'Rub sperm on you face and ur pimples will be a thing of the past'!!! SPERM as in human male reproductive liquid SPERM!!! I almost slapped the silly girl's face. I just looked at her and walked away as calmly as i could muster, but not before i told her to help me tell her boyfriend to get me the sperm to use.(shio kelebe)
I sincerely think that pimples is a phase that will pass. Maybe a reaction to something or an imbalance somewhere. All i know for sure is that some how, i managed not to care what the pimples on my face were up to and then one day, i saw my face in the mirror and couldnt believe it. they had cleared! I still have occasional breakouts but nothing major.
Just try not to eat lots of oily stuff, wash ur face at night with mild soap- make sure u remove every makeup and oily stuff. In as much as the temptation is great, try not to burst the pimples on ur face ans this will now leave a scar as it heals. leave the rest. One day, the pimples them go tire to waka up and down ur face. If u no send them,dem go go find another person to take hostage, leave u. So babes, do not bother, if i can NOT have pimple issues now - YOU CAN

Lalalalala, it is friday!! My best day of the week. I am so so glad.

You all take care. XOXO



  1. LMAO at your best day of the week...I actually heard that sperm is a good facial in legit! I am looking forward to getting married so that I can be milking the cow for that purpose, among other purposes....ROTFLMAO!
    You better put up ur post on 7things about you!

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  2. lwkmd o! Still lmao @ dis post. So funny. u will not kill sombody. hehehe it true about tetmosol tho, serious alanta o!

    lol & ew for the sperm solution. Is there solid sperm ni? lol #juvieknocking

    Guess i'm really lucky cos i dint have to deal with this at all. Just once in a while when Aunty FLOW comes calling and dey'r usually soo tiny

  3. lwkmd oh my God Amaka! you go kill person, and @HoneyDame, milking the cow for that purpose among other purposes?? hehehe, somebody is in real trouble oo!lol.

  4. ewooo, honeydame, na u go tire cos the 'cow' cannot wait to be 'milked', infact, cannot be milked enuf so get really ready!! lol. I had put up 7 things about me here ''.

    @ Toinlicious-Lucky lucky you

    @ priscy, i will take the 'you go kill person' as a compliment (whether its meant to be or not) and say THANK YOU!lol

  5. my dear, I heard all that and a lot more too. People will always say "don't worry, once you start to give birth, it will all clear". Another girl told me that it was because I wasn't sexing regularly. Like really!!!!!!!!!!! I used blacksoap once and forgot it on my face for a while. O boi,the thing burnt me no be small. I have used grated eggshells mixed with honey. Once a doctor prescribed some injections for me for the pimples. He said it would clear it from within. And I hate injections. I told the man, mbanu, let the pimples stay. Keep the injections for someone else that would want it.:-D. I especially hate it when total strangers try to recommend stuffs for me to use. Helloooo, carry your caring self out of my way, abeg. Imagine inside a bus, a stranger is asking me what I use for my pimples. "As if to say I give the pimples residence permit for my face". Let me stop here cos i could go on and on.
    Thanks for the free advert of my blog. *huggsss*

    1. Che, how I wish u can giv me d adres of d doctor dat can giv d injection so dat i can go if d person is in lagos. I hav heard of a doctor dat gives 7 days injection n d rubish goes 4ever but i 4got to ask d person d adres now i dont even know her bt its very true. abeg email me at

  6. Aww...I feel you. I never had problematic pimples but my closest sister did and i helped her sometimes with the stuff you listed here.

  7. I agree with the fact that it is a phase that would pass, but I cn't help but pick up that mirror every 20 mins to 'count' how many have come/gone. Nice post.
    I awarded you stylish and versatile blogger. it's to know what follows. Xoxo.

  8. So true about the tetmosol mehn that shit was HOT....well i was amongst the few people who didn't suffer from pimples and even now i only get one or two spots of it and it usually clears on its own. *don't hate sisters* BIG GRIN on my face.

  9. Help guys m really suffering from pimples this problem has been going for a long time,I hate 2 look @ myself in a mirror coz i feel so disguasted nd I hav a lowself esteem I hav try everything including skin free but nothing works really this has been a problem since was in high school now m working as a reception and you understand I have to look Good every time as I'm da face of a company plz plz help *sobbing* I even tryd 2 kill myself coz i fel lonely nd unwanted ***** frm Nelly

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  12. Get on MA, Lol and Aldera I think its called did wonders for my face its only prescription though I think, I haven't used it in a while but it wads amazing :-)
    Hope I helped

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