Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nigeria's dumbest criminal!

I read this stroy and didnt know whether to cry or laugh.
How can someone be so evil and so stupid at the same time???
Please read:

A 30-years-old housewife, Rukayat Alalade, has been arrested by men of the Nigeria Police Force, Oyo State Command, for  macheting her 11 years old stepson to death.
It was gathered that the suspect, whose husband Lukman Alalade, married after he separated from his first wife, had always haboured ill-feelings for her two stepchildren.
According to sources, the dastardly act was committed on Valentine’s Day after the boy, identified as Qudus, returned from an errand on which his stepmother sent him. Angry that the boy was late in coming from where she sent him to buy kerosene, the suspect reportedly descended on him with a macheteShe reportedly cut him on the head and hand until he gave up the ghost.
After accomplishing her mission, Mrs. Alalade dragged the remains of the little boy to the backyard of the family’s building and hid the cutlass under the bed.
Her wicked deed was, however, blown open when the husband came back and could not see his son. Though she initially denied knowledge of the deceased’s whereabouts, a trail of his blood was followed to where his body was eventually discovered at the backyard. It was then that bloodstains were noticed on the woman’s clothwhile the cutlass was found under the bed in the couple’s room.
The suspect has been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) for further investigations and prosecution.

I dont know which upsets me more - the fact that she was so demonic to another human being (her stepson) or the fact that she was a dumb ass demon.
I mean "drag the body to the backyard and hide the cutlass under the bed"? She should be charged with murder in the 1st degree as well as stupidity in the 1st degree! The 2 charges should get her spending the rest of her life in jail! Oshi!


  1. lwkm................the killing is not funny but the stupidity is hilarious. she watches too many yoruba films. its sad sha, poor child is dead all because of her stupid insecurity

  2. is amazing! Just amazing....she committed murder, just like dat.....and even so stupidly done too.....totally amazing!

    SMH, thank you God for your patience for mankind!


    1. Honeydame, Amazing doesnt even begin to cut it. Babe,long time.

  3. Her common sense was blinded by rage and jealousy. Thank God for her stupidity.

    1. Yeah, thank God. Her cup was just filled up!

  4. I truly don't want to call the woman stupid cos her actions are more than stupid but cos of lack of words to describe her i would just call her A STUPID INSECURE DEMON i hope they put her where no one would see her ever again.
    @ Okeoghene common sense is not common o

  5. We should be thankful she's stupid. At least now justice will be served - hopefully.

    I keep forgetting say na naija we dey.

  6. I knw ds is nt meant to be funny bt LMAO at d incident and d comments...imagine that.orisirisi.its God that wants to catch her now..I ges d demon dy prob sent to her was called the deaf and dumb one...
    May God keep us frm evil..amen


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