Monday, 10 October 2011

Everything happens for a reason. Does it really?

We often hear 'thats the way its meant to be', 'it happened for a reason', 'it was not meant to be' etc.
I, as a person, firmly believe that NOTHING happens to me which isnt for my good. I just believe that. even when something not good happens to me (i have had my fair share) i believe they all are the different steps leading up to my ultimate gain. I am not talking about only heavenly gain now, i mean even gain on earth.

I wouldnt lie though, sometimes i seriously begin to think 'what if i had done this differently, would things have turned out better for me?', 'what if i made this decision instead of that, would i have been better off?' I sometimes wish that i could, for a minute, just see tommorrow so at least i can make informed decisions. But that is just wishful thinking. We are left to make decisions with lessons of the past and other people's experiences which most times dont give us the desired result (or so we think)

We just live, not knowing what would have happened if we had left the house 5 minutes later (or ealier), if we had taken third mainland bridge instead of eko bridge, if we had if we had stopped for fuel in this filling station instead of that one, if we had said this instead of that. We cant know what would have happened, all we know is what is happening which sometimes isnt what we would have loved to happen.

What am i even saying sef? I just feel very 'not knowing' right now. One of those things.

Have a lovely week people.



  1. i get that feeling too. Av a gr8 week and thanx forstopping by my blog and commenting. now following ur blog

  2. @ Luciano, doll and Toinlicious the week is ended. hope we all achieved something. If we didnt do so much, lets together hope that next week will be so much better. Cheers babes


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