Monday, 17 October 2011

You can never be JUST FRIENDS with someone you’re in love with.

Hi guys, how was ur weekend? Hope u'all had a good one.

You can never be JUST FRIENDS with someone you’re in love with
That was the facebook status of one of my friends recently. My 1st reaction was 'why'? but on second, more thorough thought, i saw her point.
Ok 2 scenerios
1) You are in love with this person who dosent know you are in love with him/her. who u are friends with but for u, it has gotten beyond the 'simply friends' border but because of who u are, u just cannot find the right way to communicate your feeling to him/her. You guys continue the friendship and u see him/her with other people who get close to him/her romantically. you feel bad. how can you keep hanging around, hurting urself more??? one of 2 things - either you come out and say 'Guy/babe, i am in love with u' or you take a walk. either way, you guys arent just friends
2) You are dating this person and for one reason or the other, you guys decide to stop dating (either amicably or after a big fight). One person is still in love with the other. The other says 'let us still be friends'. Okay. You have given this person your time, your body (in most cases) and perhaps, ur money AND you are still in love.But after everthing, he/she wants to just go back to being ur friend. It actually can work (for some people) but that has to be that the 2 people are in different places so they dont get to meet often (if at all). chances are, if and when they do meet, they kick off the fight where they left it off or they forget the fight and remember all the good times had instead and most probably, end up in the sack 'for old times sake'! Either way, u guys arent just friends.

So like i said earlier, after second, more thorough thought, i now see the sense in my friend's FB status.

Happy new week to you all, my friends

Wish u the very best of the week


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  1. to me, its like killing a dog and saying you can have it back. it just doesnt werk.
    have a great week too

  2. I just passed the "Versatile Blogger" award on to you. Congratulations! Please check my blog ( for more details. Cheers!

  3. I say this all the time. Love doesn't just turn off at will. And if you were never friends to begin with, its kinda hard to expect to be "just friends" after a relationship ends, no matter how amicable the split was.

  4. Everything said here makes sense...Leonardo Da Vinci will agree with this. he describes a sexual relationship between a guy and a female as two souls bonded beyond this paraclet.

    Unless, there was any sexual rapport between the parties, only then can I concur otherwiae...

  5. hmn, this post reminds me of a twitter comment i saw a while back that said "keeping in touch with ur ex is like ur kidnapper asking you to keep in touch" i tot it was hilarious but also true.

  6. It depends o...I totally agree with the post, but not all the comments. As long as one person is still in love with the other, it can't happen! But say for instance, two people break up for reasons very "legit" eg, blood grouping. It wouldnt have been the fault of either of them, hence, they might have a better chance at being just friends....forgive my incoherence..

  7. @ Honey dame, i see your point but are u saying that there wouldnt be any sexual feelings whatsoever in that friendship that ensues after a legit breakup?

  8. it wouldn't work for me. The emotions will cloud my judgement and i would end up making decisions that i would regret later.


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