Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Time and tide changes us.

 Superficial individuals. Do you know any? People that think and talk shallow. They never look beneath what lies on the surface. Try having a conversation with one - TORTURE! All they talk about is 'what she was wearing', 'what she bought', 'how she looks' etc. They never (rarely) stop to actually try to figure out what substance the person is actually made of, what motivates him/her, what is not seen, what is left unsaid.
My days in the uni, There was this girl in my dept. She was in the league you could call 'big babes'. She wore the latest designs, used the latest perfumes, travelled up and down the country (doing God knows what) and was generally living large. She always judged people by what they wore. If she saw you at school, and said hi to you, that means you were dressed in a manner she finds acceptable. If she feels you were not looking up to her standards, she will so totally shun you no  matter who was around or where you guys where! She even used to do it to her very own sister (who didnt approve of her lifestyle)! Try having an intelligent conversation with her, you are so on ur own. If u guys talk more than 5mins, just be rest assured that the gist has gotten to shoes, bags and clothes. She  never seemed to understand the concept of saving money. Anyone more judgemental than this girl was yet to be created. Talk about reading or classwork, you are so on ur own! I have no idea (or rather, i dont want to have an idea) how she graduated. Dare tell her something someone did wrong, she is mortal enemies with the person. She will still  bear the grudge with that person LOOOONG after you (who was offended) have forgiven the person and moved on.
I saw her on FBrecently, after a very long time. She looks good, still flashy and all but had a more conservative air about her. I wondered if she still had that attitude of yester years. I dont think she will anymore, not with the way one has to work to get a certificate in the states (where she lives now) Heard she is studying to become a nurse!!! Mehn, how life changes people. I guess no be person tell am say life no be 'jangorova' (Swing. For you wondering what jangorova means. i am bush, i know. lol)
Just goes to show that time and tide has the ability to change people. For the better or for the worse is story for another day.
Hope your week is going on fine.
You'all take care.

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  1. time does change a lot of things.
    have a fab week too amaka..........loling at the jangorova. yu be bush gel o.

  2. I love ur piece, time and tide waits for no man. first time here and following. check me out on http://www.deede78.blogspot.com

  3. Time and situations changes things. could mean good person turning bad or bad person turning good, whichever way.

  4. I had a "friend" in school too...She was a terrible gossip....very verbally destructive and such a fake person. We were friends on a FB for a while...years after, I havent seen any change in her and when I realised that seeing her updates on my newsfeed "depressed" me, I sharply comot her.
    Time changes yesterday....sometimes or maybe it isn't her yesterday yet...*shrug*

  5. nice post,time changes people and things but there are few exceptions..."agbayas" that just refuse to change...totally adverse and allergic to change!!! btwn, discovered yor blog newly and av been enjoying it.Two Thumbs Up.

  6. @ Luciano, u dont know the half of my 'bushysm'.lol
    @ Docia, welcome plenty plenty. So pleased to have you. Will definetely check you out
    @ Priscy, u caught my drift big time!
    @ Honeydame, that ur 'friend' needs healing. You can bring her to me, i could help her out. I do 'gossip healing' as part time job. lol
    @ eyesoftruth, No be small agbayas oo. That honydame 'friend' na complete agbaya. Thanks for the 2 thumbs up. Kindly borrow more thumbs if 2 isnt sufficient. lol. Glad to have u around


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