Thursday, 13 October 2011

What excatly is all the rivalry and competition for?

In the office,one staff wants to outshine others and even drag them down in the process. People go out of their way to be noticed as the 'star' not minding whose ox is gored. Some even plot ways to f**k the other up completely.
As kids, one sibling rats his/her sister/brother out on every little incident just so he/she can be known as the 'good child' at home. As grown ups, the sibling rivalry dosent end. It continues. Competition about who wears the nicest clothes, who dates the cutest guy, who has the more loaded boyfriend. even up till who gets married first.
Sometimes, competition is without bad blood, just something people do (for fun even!). Could be healthy when properly done. But most times, it is with so much ulterior motives and bad intentions especially the kind found in offices. Areas one is supposed to help the other to get the job done is ignored just so that one can make a fool of him/her self and be ridiculed.
Rivalry. You see it everywhere

This post was inspired by a thread i saw in this website i like going to . A lady was asking what to do about her two kids (9 & 7) who were alsways competing against each other. I read through other people's comments and could relate 100% with them!


  1. Wow! just what i was thinking...i tire o, I sit here on my desk and still asking...What exactly is the competition for?

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  2. Competition is stressful mehnnn... I hate it! And i dnt even give it an inch of my time and power. I`ve come to realise that life is much better when you set your standards for yourself and not necessarily to out do anyone in your life.

    Its been a min.. i have to catch up on your post :D
    Thanks for sharing:)

  3. Just gave you the most Versatile Blogger award :D Pls visit my joint for more details :D

  4. @ Travel Buff, You havnt seen the half of it. It so amazes me the lenghts people go to pull others down especially at work.
    i welcome u so gladly. Pleased to have u and expect more of u
    @ Nightingale, You are DA BOMB!!! thanks for the award. It means a lot to me. Wish i could take a picture of us while u were giving me the award, with my teeth shining as in a tootpaste advert and staring at the camera!
    please dont get drawn into the crazy world of competition. its just stupid, unneccesary and so not worth it!

  5. it's a dog-eat-dog world

  6. It's crazy the competition one notices in the office. People seeing a colleague making an error on the job, and deliberating leaving her to continue, so that she can be in the bad book of the boss. I also hate the *sucking up game* played at work. I see people trying to get into the good books of the boss, by accepting everything he says. When in actual sense, they don't like or agree with the man. They will even *yimu* at his back. I tell myself that promotion and favour does not come from bitching your colleague or sucking up to your boss or senior colleague. It comes only from God.


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