Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Guys and Babes-No be today something!

Yeah, some people actually feel this way.
Issues between guys and babes are as old as the world itself. The drama, the fun, the ups, the downs, the whole nine yards. Some guys see girls as territories to conquer. They, like Napoleon and Julius Ceaser, grade themselves on how many 'territories' they have gone into and conquered. The more girls they go out with and run away from, the better they feel (do they really feel better? Just asking). They leave heartbreaks and cursing babes in their trails. Such guys end up marrying, at 40 something, a little girl of 18 or 20 and do they stop? Most dont. I have heard 2 guys argue over how many babes they have slept with. as in, they were arguing who had slept with more! Is there a prize to be won with how many girls you sleep with in your lifetime? Maybe there is, I wonder.
IMO, guys in this category are guys with the lowest self-esteems any human can possibly have. and the only way they can make their miserable selves feel good is by hurting someone else. Poor them
I am sure you know one or two people like this


  1. I know a couple of people like that as well. In answer to your question, I go to the gym here in Victoria island after work. So that way by the time I'm done at 8PM. The road is free and I can drive home. On the days I have a date or church or movies in the evening, I go in the mornings before work.

  2. Hmm, doll, now that is what i call 'dedication'. May u achieve ur aim and trim down well into that dress. Invite us to the wedding ooo


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