Friday, 26 August 2011

How much calls/caring is too much?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife calling on you, from time to time, during the day to check up on you could be so romantic and caring. It could make co workers green with envy and shower one with praises of having a very romantic and caring other half

But i have been with friends who IMMEDIATELY after getting off the fone with their loved ones (who has probably called to find out how their days are going, if they have eaten, when they will be going home stuff like that) say things like 'ah, this is getting choking abeg. Cant he/she give me small breathing space?'. And i wonder.

No calls - wahala. Calls 'too much' - wahala. Na wetin?

Can there be anything like 'too much care'? I have heard that too much of everything isnt good but then can caring be too much?

I guess their has to be some balance but then balance is relative. What is balance for me could be extreme to another.

How does one, therefore know when not to be 'care -choking' the other?


  1. a lot of calling is important

  2. Yeah i know. but do u mean that there NEVER is 'too much'?

  3. i like the occasional calling, texting, BBm. but some people take it to a different level. A friend came to visit me and her boyfriend called her about 12 times in one hour that she stayed with me, i wondered how she coped. it was irritating


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