Monday, 15 August 2011

All that room?

I went to lekki over the weekend to visit a friend of mine whose wife just put to bed. I have been going to the area but i havent really paid attention to the kind of houses and the resources put in to make such houses materialize. last weekend, i paid attention. I was dumbfounded! People build living homes as if they are building church cathedrals! its ammazing. i saw some houses and thought to myself. 'shouldnt it be some sort of sin to build this kind of houses?' (no bad belle intended o) but really, how much room does one really need??? especially when u are not a traditional ruler with 7 wives and 40 children! I saw houses that looked like dreams, i saw houses that looked like castles, i saw houses that looked liked they jumped out of Alice in Wonderland. Finally, i said to myself, 'Some people just have too much money than they know what to do with'. Maybe i should visit that place more often, to inspire myself, what do u think?


  1. You sure need the inspiration....anyway, people have things that trip them; some its wrist watches, cars, houses etc.So when people buy what they buy or build, it only shows a reflection of who they are, what they value and their perspective to life!

    Forgerrit, na bad belle oooo!

  2. My philosophy is if you can afford it why not?


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