Tuesday, 16 August 2011


I once heard a case of a guy (while i was in the uni) who was so in love with his girlfriend, so in love that he tattooed her name on his lap. No nned to tell you that after some years the girl wanted out of the relationship and the boy was faced with the dilemma of what to do with the tattoo as it was the parmenent kind. the person telling me the story then was the guy's friend who was also confronted with the task of finding a solution. I gave them my heart felt solution - tell the guy to cut flesh from his ass to cover the tattoo!!!
Some get it in the weirdest of places - close to the nipple, at the nape of the neck, on their ass cheek,in between the thumb and the fore finger etc
What do u think of tattoos? For me, i think they are highly unneccesary. come to think of it, does it make one more beautiful? IMO it doesnt! So why do people have it done? Why do they have to go great lenghts,endure great pain to get something that doesnt add anything to their beauty??? Beats the hell outta me!
Well could be a statement for those that understand the language cos, me ooo, i dont understand that language


  1. for me, it's a personal attachment and i am indifferent to subscribers of tattoos. what ever predicament that befalls, i judge, they can handle.

    as for me, i do not think i would want to have ink flowing underneath my skin shaa

  2. Amaka tell you what, I think tattoos are very much unnecessary and research shows that people with tattoos have great risk of skin cancer.And do you know that most people do it out of fashion and to feel belonged? Beats my mind my dear.

  3. I guess every Tom, Dick and Harry has a tattoo over here, so i've become indifferent to it. Whatever floats their boat. I'm more into piercings. I wanted to pierce my nose for the longest but outgrew that, thank God. Then it was my tragus, but i impulsively got two piercings on one helix. When i saw how long it took to heal, i had to rethink the tragus piercing. I might still do it though, but i highly doubt that at this point.

  4. I'm kinda indifferent to tatoos and piercings. i love small classy ones on pple but i hate pain so its a no-no for me. if i was gona get a tattoo tho, it'll be somthing i liked not cos of sombody else and it'll be where only i or som1 really close to me can c


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