Friday, 12 August 2011

How are u REALLY?

"How are u"? "Fine ooo, i dey". AUTOMATIC! we are always 'fine' even when we are not. We are fine when we are sad, feeling low, heavy hearted. we are FINE. why dont we just say how we are feeling excatly? Thing is Does the person that asked really want to know? Maybe we should answer "how are u" with "do u really want to know?"
Just imagine passing a colleague on the stairs in the office early in the morning and asking him "ol boy, how u dey, how was ur weekend?" and he goes "horrible weekend. My mother in law came around and made me drive her to every relative's house. My dry cleaner stood me up sunday evening and i didnt have a clean shirt to use this morning, i had to dig up an old one on a monday morning. I am so broke and my mother in law will be going back tommorrow. i am just mad at everyone and everything. i need a new job as this one isnt paying my bills. etc" And una still stand for the staircase o! What will u do? Did u really ask him how his weekend was cos u wanted to REALLY know or because that has become a form of greeting?
Maybe we should be truthful and just stick to the "good mornings" and leave the "how are u/how was ur weekend' to when we are in the mood to know, dont u think?


Words of wisdom!