Thursday, 25 August 2011

Real men dont hit women!

Back then in the uni, i had this pretty friend who was dating this cute guy. Well, there was some form of dating in between the fighting (or beating up) times. The guy beat the girl up at every slight excuse. They are walking on the road and she stops to say hi to a guy(be it a classmate, church mate or village mate) - Punches; He comes to look for her and she isnt home - more punches; She argues with him over anything - much more punches. He beat her frequently and heavily.
I have ALWAYS being an ANTI-woman beating person. I dont like it in any form however tiny so i kept on talking to the girl to see if she will see some form of reason and dump the woman beater. To no avail. i even got some vibe from her that looked like she actually liked it! She was always saying, "he loves me and its cos he loves me too much that he acts that way'! I reviewd my relationship with her after that cos i felt it wasnt a healthy relationship to keep. How on earth does one show love by pounding and inflicting pain on another person?????
Beats the hell outta me!
In my oppinion, any man that beats a woman isnt man enuf and will cower and run into hiding when confronted by a fellow man.
If u can beat up the person u claim to love, i hate to see what u'll do to someone u dont really like.
It just doesnt make sense to me.
Does it make sense to u?


  1. It doesn't make any sense at all to me my dear, but wait a minute oo!I wonder why most women too continue to live with such "men" all in the name of Love, beats my mind really. as for me! the moment a guy raises his hands, I will be lonnnng gone before he even thinks of bringing it down. Lol

  2. lol @ priscy. no be small "the moment a guy raises his hands, I will be lonnnng gone before he even thinks of bringing it down." LWKMD

  3. men that hits women are afraid of themselves, they have a morbid fear for feminine superiority...they are slaves to their horrors about women and their potential to out pace them thus they are fools yet to be classified

  4. also beats my imagination how a lady would even think that a guy who uses her as punching bag would care about her... she feels insecure and is scared of starting on a fresh page which i believe would be much more refreshing


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