Monday, 22 August 2011

Soccer fight!

I saw this picture and thot to share it with you guys.
I wouldnt call myself a die hard soccer fan. I love Man U though, cos they play GOOD football,cos i love Alex Ferguson (for a reason i cant really fathom) and most importantly, cos my husband is a SERIOUS Man U fan!

I dont know how true the publication above is (yeah right!) but it wouldnt hurt for u guys to check it out.

(Just kidding sha oo. make chelsea, and co. fans no waylay me ooo)

Wish you guys a lovely lovely week ahead.



  1. No matter which channel shows their match, i am a GUNNER FOR LIFE! If they like, they should show it on crime channel or cartoon network, nothing do me

  2. you are lucky AC Milan was not captures else you'll me missing already!!!


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