Monday, 15 August 2011

Social networking sites and their palaver!

Since the advent of the social networking sites - facebook,twitter,flicker,myspace etc, our lives have changed greatly. we meet new friends and mingle easily. our friends and aquitances base have greatly expanded. we have been having so much fun. Guys no longer go through the pains of 'chyking' babes anylonger. he just locates her on FB and everything kicks off from there. Everything has gone digital. But like all things, there have also been downsides. People have gotten heartbroken, relationships have gone down the drain, young women have been stalked and sometimes raped - the culprit - SOCIAL NETWORKS.
Now, a lot of things abound on these sites that are always bones of contention. from compliments paid a person to relationship status to status updates. I know a guy that beats his girlfriend each time anyone pay her picture a compliment or comments on her status and says something like 'dear' in the process. she don enter 'one chance' be that! he will pound her black and blue saying she is obviously sleeping with the person. Relationship status nko? that na another yawa. leave it as 'single' and d guy that sees himself as 'the boyfriend' is mad. Put 'in a relationship' without putting who u are in a relationship with, another yawa. Hmm, some go as far as asking the other party in the relationship to close his/her account. Issues,Issues,Issues. yet we remain addicted. with all its palaver, people still sign in in droves
I guess social networks have come to stay and no amount of ups and downs can take them away.
What downside of social networking sites have u experienced???

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