Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What is on your mind?

When i was much younger, i would sit with dad and mum in the sitting room. I would watch telly while they both did one thing or the other. Sometimes, mum will just lapse into some kind of silence and dad will ask her 'what's on your mind'? She will laugh and reply 'you really want to know'? That used to make me wonder? what could possibly be on her mind other than what she was doing? (thats what i used to think back then. what a naive little child i was)

As i grew older, i began to realize the awesomeness of the human mind. The way one can be doing one thing and thinking of like, 10 other things in the space of 1minute. How the mind can start from one little thing and move to very big (and dangerous things). Let me give an instance, one could start out thinking of what to have for lunch, it moves on to what was had for lunch yesterday, then to the girl that you met at the canteen when you went for lunch yesterday, then to the lovely shoes she was wearing which u remember thinking must have been gotten in the UK, then to that cousin in the UK who would have been able to buy you stuff if not for the fact that he has been caught and jailed for drug traffiking, then to the war on drugs and drug trafikking, then to the way naigirian drug trafikkers and been treated in malaysia, then to ....................................

All these in less than 1 minute ooo! Before you probably go back to what you want to eat for lunch.

On my way to work this morning, i stopped at a traffic light. as i waited for the light, a guy walked past me. He was wearing this kind of trousers called 'fear the ground' (you know the kind abi? Those ones that are 2inchies short of where they ought to be) I almost burst out laughing in my seat. I started thinking - He is probably a muslim (cos i heard he staunch male muslims sew their trousers that way), then my thoughts strayed to people that kill in the name of islam, then to The Boko H kindred, then to Uncle Jay in Aso Rock, then to what it will be like to rule nigeria, then to which of my friends looks like a potential politician that might make it to a government house or higher, then to which contracts i would be able to execute. Thinking of contracts, i thought of the benin ore road.............................

Horns of drivers behind me shook me out of my mind marathon race!

So from an innocent guy's 'fear-the-ground' trousers, i had gone to aso rock and executed some contracts while never leaving my car.

The power of the mind.

Tell us your crazy mind marathons.

What is on your mind?



  1. LMAO....Yeah, it sure is an amazing part of the human make-up. I cant even recall any of my marathons right now but I always always have them. I will come back after I remember one.

  2. Yeah, the mind wanders a lot. Most times when I look at my mom's pictures hanging in the living room, a lot come to my mind. I wonder how she felt just before she died (she passed on two years ago), was she scared, was she glad to finally be free of all the pain(she had cancer), where exactly is she now, hope she liked the burial we organized for her and a lot of other thoughts just pass through my mind. Sometimes when I am walking on the road, i remember going to the market with her, I wonder if her colleagues & her numerous patients miss her or even remember her. While at work, my mind could just zoom to my sister & her family in Abuja and i wonder at how the baby is growing up, i wonder why some of my colleagues can't just do what they ought to do, but are instead concerned about things that don't matter, i wonder when I will get the oil company job that i so dream of, i wonder how long this menace known as Boko Haram will last. My mind sabi wonder no be small, lemme just stop here. :-D

  3. LOL, sounds like ADD...mind just keeps on wandering. But i'm the same way. Sometimes i get so far off track of my original thought that i don't even remember what i was thinking about or why.

  4. lol. my mind does that too a lot and most time i dont even remember where i
    i think the end part of most is me flashing a thousand dollar smile while signing autographs, or with "my" kids and husband, or addressing a lot of ppl or......i can go on n on

  5. @ Honey dame, dont worry, we are waiting for you to come back cos i am sure you would have had some real bizzare mind journey. lol
    @ Che, eyah, sorry dear. My mum is late too - some 21 yrs ago. so i get ur drift.
    @ LadyNgo, why dont you share some of your run-riot thots with us. I am sure it will be fun.
    @ Luciano, dont worry dearie, at the rate at which ur imagination runs and the way you write, that marathon thot might just come true soon.

  6. LMAO Amaka no be only you dey think of aso rock o,we plenty lol.truely the mind does some awesome things.


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