Monday, 21 November 2011

Hey there, Guys!

Wow! Its been AGES!(10 days actually but it feels like forever)
I have had you guys in mind all this time but like an ibo proverb says 'my mind got to you but my legs couldnt'. (or my fingers, in this case. lol)
Anyway, i know you know that whatever will take me away for this long has really got to be something. I have been so so so so so busy! Busier than i want to be but what can i do. *sad face*

How have you all being?

Just a quick info incase you missed the news on CNN and NTA network last night, Tomorrow is my birthday!!!!

And yes, the line is open for the reciept of gift items. ALL KINDS of gift items o!

Gotta go now but will definetely hook up with y'all later.

Missed you guys. Hope you missed me too.

Enjoy your week and may your days be blessed.


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  1. happy birthday in advance Amaka. will be sending yu picture cakes, roses and even
    yes, i saw the news, twas on africa magic o_O

  2. Lol. I missed the news o..but I heard there's going to be a rerun...Happy birthday in advance Amaka.

  3. "Hapi Baiday!!!" in advance.Wish you a splendid one, but you have to tell us where the "parry" is happening, we don't want to miss out of the rice and GOD BLESS YOU NOW AND ALWAYS!

  4. Saw d news on food network, just after "chopped" lol
    Happy birthday ma'am

  5. Happy Birthday dearie. Sure you are going to have loads of fun. Don't forget us your blogs familly. Wishing you God's abundant blessings babe.

  6. happy birthday to you. may the good Lord be gracious to you all the days of your life, and i beg keep my own portion of the cake oo!


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