Friday, 25 November 2011

Who killed the man?

To give you a bit of something to rack ur brain about while i run go, i dey come back. lol

A man was found dead murdered in Abuja on 1/10/2011 afternoon...His wife called the police, the police questioned everyone in the house hold thus:

WIFE: I was sleeping, woke up and found my husband dead.
NEIGHBOUR: We went for a picnic.
DRIVER: I went to deposit money in the bank.
COOK: I went to the market.
GATE-MAN: I went for my relatives marriage.

......and the police arrested the murderer immediately, WHO WAS IT?
Make una no fall my hand ooo!



  1. Oya Amaka, give us the answer to this your riddle. It seems as if no one knows.

  2. Well, i go give una d answer cos na so me sef i bin dey look the thing because i no fit figure am out.

    When was the man found dead? - 1/10/2011, which was independence day (a public holiday)

    Who said he went somewhere which does notopen on public holidays? - Driver, went to the bank! So na the driver get something to hide and im mind no help am organize better lie.

    So the driver it is

    (the trick is actually in the date. People wouldnt easily notice that that day was a public holiday)

  3. LOL. It didn't occur to me to look at the date. Nice one. :-D


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