Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas in the air!

Its in the air. The thrill and excitement is brewing. The air is getting drier - the xmas way. People have started asking the 'will u be travelling' questions. Companies have started putting up decorations. People have started shopping.

Xmas truely is in the air.

Do people still buy 'christmas cloths'? I remember when i was little, my mum used to get our cloths by end of August/beginning of September in order to avoid the xmas shopping rush and the accompanying price hikes in goods. She will buy the cloths (about 2 or 3 different ones - 1 for xmas day, 1 for new year's day and, and 1 for any other sunday in between) and put them in a box above her wardrobe. Every weekend from then till xmas, we will bug her to bring down the box so we can look at our cloths again and bask in the euphoria of having new stuff. Thing is, we might have other new cloths bought along the line o, but that particular set that has been termed 'xmas cloths' have a different effect on us.

We also had christmas shoes,christmas, wrist watch, christmas sunglasses (those rubber multi colored ones), christmas pants etc. Everything we wear on the 25th December morning has gast to be new!

Mehn! It used to be so much fun. We usually travelled to the east around the 23rd of December and that part, we always looked forward to. I remember the kids in the village running after our car when we turn into the road leading to our compound shouting 'Uncle Lagos anota' (Lagos uncle is back) i will grin with pride and excitement. Then when we get to the compound, mumsie will make us all greet our cousins, uncles and aunties in ibo.

The fun of Christmas. I dont think there is any other holiday in the world that has this kind of air around it and the kind of excitement and buzz that Christmas generates.

I may not have 'Christmas cloths' anymore, but i still have the same excitement i used to have when i was little.

Christmas in the air!

Wish you all a lovely weekend ahead.




  1. I don't have any fond memory of Christmas, I don't even feel anything in the air. I wouldn't want to be the Grinch who stole Christmas this year so I've decided to write a short story about how Santa saved Christmas this year titled "Santa & The Hollywood Haram". Would be posted on my blog Christmas day 2011.

  2. LOL, I'm not quite there yet. The only thing on my mind is finals, work, and all the stress of next semester. But i love Christmas, even though my Christmas traditions have changed dramatically over the past few years.

  3. I'm also excited, and I can't even give you any particular reason, lol. Well I did get some bonus and I'm thinking of getting myself Christmas cloth and more :)

  4. Lol. I remember growing up too with the whole xmas cloth and all that. Did you also wear the plastic xmas sun glasses? I liked that too and the colors were very attractive to us as kids. While in Lagos, we would go to places like amusement park, bar beach etc to celebrate the season. Lol @ *uncle Lagos anota. I guess it happens in almost every village and the kids there are excited at the cabin biscuits and other things they would receive from Uncle Lagos. As an adult, i don't have xmas clothes, but i still love the festivity and colorfulness of the season. I'm yet to get into the whole xmas mood though, been really busy with work.

  5. @ Ade Moss, wow! No fond memories of xmas? Why?
    @ Lady Ngo,Your finals is near? DOnt worry, i am sure you got everything covered.As for next semester, that will take care of itself
    @ Myne, i know that feeling. As for the bonus, e go reach to buy my own xmas cloth join?
    @ Che, You know every! What happened to that Apapa amusement park sef?

  6. feeling it too, everything is smelling xmas. i started saying y own erry xmas from dec 1st. i dont know why too but i guess i always exited during xmas. the xmas cloth story na long tin o, infact, come and see competition on xmas day...the finest dress, finest shoe..........
    those were happy times


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