Friday, 25 November 2011

What is it with incest these days?

Mehn!!! Its everywhere! Father sleeping with daughter, brother sleeping with sister, uncle raping niece, mother sleeping with son!!!!

End times surely. Maybe it isnt just starting to happen. Maybe its been happening so much before now, maybe its the different information channels we have now that is blowing these incidences. But still, truth is, IT IS SO ABSURD AND WICKED!!!

I have close friends who have had very close encounters when they were much younger. The didnt say anything at all at the time till they were really grown up. Maybe thats the thing, those days, noone said a thing. Now, people are more aware and children speak up more (or rather, are forced to speak up).

I keep asking, how can one be sexually attracted to someone one gave birth to??????

Really beats me. God help us

This man, Phillip Micheal, a driver by profession has been jailed for 14 years for sleeping with his 12 year old daughter and getting her pregnant! Yeah, u heard right, 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!

She has been delivered of a baby boy fathered by the very man who gave her life. So now, the man is the grand father of his son and the little girl is the mother of her brother. Strange life, very strange life. SMH


  1. Strange times indeed. There are very basic biological reasons why incest is a no-no.

  2. this really is the end times. how can he do such? Its so sad. I just hope the kids that have to go through all this get help.
    Nice blog. becoming a follower asap..

  3. Psychoanalysts claim we all have these tendencies. Some of us are blessed with a strong controlling system (conscience/super ego) than others.

  4. Very sad. The end is truly near.

  5. @ Myne, infact eh (is actually all i have to say cos its unthinkable)
    @ Tamunoibifiri Mobolaji-Kamson, wow, i love the d name! i am a sucker for native names. Welcome on board, so glad to have you and thanks for following.
    @ Ade moss's son, 'we all have the tendencies'??? Thank God for the controlling aspect ooo.
    @ Che, no be small thing

  6. And he wonders why his a driver and not a big man like some of his friends out there.stupid wicked ugly old man.


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