Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Way forward Naija!!!

Subsidy saga over (is it really?) we have to move on with our lives. We have to find a way to adjust to the current realities of things. Have you heard? Pure water is now 10 naira. For pure water to increase in price should tell you that EVERYTHING is now very expensive. I went to the market on saturday and i almost couldnt buy anything. Everything was so freaking expensive. Double the regular price. Nothing for 50 naira anymore, not even the silliest of stuff! If i, who isnt really one of the nigerians that live below a dollar a day, can be feeling the pinch so bad, how will those that only earn the minimum wage cope?????

So guys, this is the time to put that age long saying to use 'Cut your coat, according to  you cloth!' Not according to size ooo as ur size fit big pass ur cloth. You have to 'lepa-rize' ur expenditure make e no overshoot ur income.How do you do that??? Do away with the trivials. Prioritize!!! That "Money no go waste" post, read it again and again and again. Cram it if need be but use it!

I will add a new batch of  10 commandments to the 'Money no go waste' wisdom that will also help you. Here they are
  • Dont allow fashion dictate to you what to buy, how to spend your money lest debtors set camp at ur gate.
  • Say NO to those gucci bags as they scream out at you through the store show glasses
  • Eat only when hungry and stop when full
  • For the guys, having only one girlfriend will be the best bet for you considering the cost of maintaining multiple girls (babes, pray you are the 'one girlfriend')
  • BRT seats are quite comfortable, you know. Try them out once in a while instead of using taxis all the time.
  • Sharwama and ice-cream? Very tempting abi? Ok, i allow you. You can have them once a month.
  • BB subscription? Who u dey ping sef? Subsribe every other month. Afterall, all the gossip of last year, which motor you carry am buy?
  • Make use of that DVD player you spent some money to buy. Stop warming the seats at the cinemas when u can watch the same film at home
  • Try to dey siddon for your house! All this weekend waka waka, try minimize am, limit am to church/mosque,market and those places you can trek to.
  • Call only people that matter to you - mother/father, priest/pastor, 1 brother/sister (the one you call should call the others and tell them what you want them to know), your mother-in-law/father-in-law (make dem no chase u comot their son house). Try and live in the pre-mobile lines days!
If you also adhere to the above (laffable) very fundamental points, you can make it through the month without having people run when they see you thinking you want to borrow money again.

But if you make mega money. You dont need to adhere to these my advise above. Just share the money this way and all will be well


You take care of yourselves and each other. Be good


  1. A humourous twist on a dire situation..

  2. very hilarious but so true. Hmm no more driving to peoples houses for gossip time.
    And no more having more children than you can afford.

  3. Hahahahhahahahahahahaa @ this additional commandments, but it wouldn't hurt to adhere to them. If you cannot do without your BB subscription, you can go for the cheaper one like MTN N1,500 instead of N3,000. I had to quickly change to the N1,500 own even before the subsidy matter. I no fit shout abeg. And besides, you can also ping, browse, check an email, etc, so it's still good.

  4. @ Roc - Yes oo, dem no fit kill us abeg! We go still find way, make ourselves laff abi?
    @ Ibirifi Kamson - You are truely in the spirit!!!
    @ Okeoghene - Funny but true abi?
    @ Che - Now that is what i call 'being sensible'. No need to use 10 emails when u need to use only one.

    Happy survival of subsidy removal to you all.


  5. Amaka u too funny jor but you no lie babe! Anyways, i just nominated you for the liebster blog award and you can check my page for it to accept. Thanks


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