Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Stealing in marriage

Are there married ladies in the house? Have you ladies visited this website before ? You should go there! There are lots of real life experiences shared by real life women who need real life suggestions and encouragements. There are sometimes very humorous stories there like this one. 

Its about a woman who stole from her husband (is that even rational) and was 'exposed' by the husband in public!!! I mean doesnt the phrase "two shall become one" in marriage apply even in finances? If the woman needs something, cant she ask her husband for money rather than take it without asking (which in the dictionary means stealing) Or could it be that she has, out of experience, known that the man wouldnt give her the money if she asks so she resorts to taking without asking?

If a man calls his wife a 'cheap thief' on the road, isnt that an indictment on his ability of being a good husband? What does he expect the area boys in his area to call his wife if he had run her down like that already?

The whole thing is confusing abeg. The woman and the man are ONE so the woman was (probably) technically not stealing (since dem be 'one' na). The man also, technically, should not feel like a victim since its part of him (as per the 'one' thing) that took his money

Abi wetin una think????


  1. It's a funny one, not sure what to make of it. My guess is probably a case of two strangers pretending to be living together as a couple.

  2. im on the forum....this is just weird...the man is not doing his job jare

  3. I don't think the man should've been insulting the woman in the middle of the street. Yeah he made her look bad, but he made himself look bad too. #NotClassy

    I went and read the story and quite frankly that sounds like stealing to me. Even the person who posted the story sef, whether they realize it or not confirmed that they think they are supposed to tell the spouse if they're gonna take money. Maybe you don't have to ask for permission but you should at least let the other person know you took it. Not to mention how shady that is to be tip-toeing around taking it. If she really felt she was entitled to it, she would've just taken it and left all the wahala by the wayside

  4. frankly for a woman to do such a thing,it simply means the husband is not doing his duty.if he was giving her what she wanted she won't have to steal from him.he didn't only embarass her he embassed himself's a shame.


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