Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year!!!!!!

I popped this champagne for you guys. Make sure you taste your share.  lol

Hello my friends!
Welcome to this brand new year (i know it is coming a tad late but better late than never, isnt it??)
Ol boy eh, i need a mainframe computer to calculate how old i will be this year *rumpuled face*.
When i was little, i never thought the world would go past the year 2000, you know, with all the stuff we heard about that 'great' year - jubilee year, the year tate heralds another millennium etc. Funny that we are 12 years past that year - ALL THANKS TO GOD.
2011, hmmm, a lot happened in that year - i changed jobs, i lost my dad, i finished my post graduate degree etc. i look back and i am really thankful. Though there are lots of other things i thought would have pulled through for me before the year 2011 ended that didnt eventually, i am still very thankful. Being alive and healthy is just enough!
2012! We have started this year with lots of expectations, with lots of dreams that we wish and pray will be actualized, with lots of bad habits that we wish we will drop, with lots of doors we wish will be opened on to us. All i want to say is - Do the best you can and leave the rest. Cos if you think real hard about it, no kind of hard work or hard thinking by anyone can make the day break faster than it should or make the sun set faster! Everything has been ordered, allow that order flow! If you think things arent falling into places as fast as you love them to, just ask yourself if you have done all you ought to do. If the answer is YES, then know that it is time for you to hands-off and allow the GREAT I AM order things his way.

Dont be too hard on yourself if you have already slipped up on your new year's resolution. it isnt meant to be an overnight thing. keep trying ok?

BTW, i went to the villa for Christmas. Ol boy eh, lots of things happened over there so stay tuned for gists from there.

How did you spend your holidays??? You can give us a sneak peek as you leave your comments.

Missed you guys like crazy!!

You all take good care.



  1. Welcome back hun. Missed you around here. Happy New Year. Sorry about the demise of your dad and congrats on your PG degree and other achievements of 2011. I love what you said about no amount of hard work or hard thinking will make the day break faster. Thank God for 2012 and the great things He will help us achieve. Christmas was fun. Lots of people to see and places to visit. Can't wait for the gists from your Xmas in the villa.

  2. Happy New Year. Sounds like you had mega fun in the village. No one can make the day break faster or the sun set earlier if it isnt in the order of things. Thanks for the advice.


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