Friday, 27 January 2012

Lagos na wa!

Lagos. Mega City. Lagos is working. Eko o ni baje!
Chei! people dey chop other people 'mugu' for this town oo. Abeg make una help me see this 'certificate of f**k up' from Agege local Government Council.

The lady that was served, actually just had her baby's birthday inside her compound - compound that is fenced and has a gate! She didnt put any canopies out on the street, she didnt block the road in any way, she didnt obstruct traffic. She and her husband only called their friends to come and wine and dine with them. Lo and Behold, they committed an offence in the eyes of the LGC. And they have to pay a fine!

This is just the height of lawlessness and failure in society. Merriment section of a local government council!? I never hear that one before o.

Merriment/Entertainment permit ko, shitting in my toilet permit ni. Mschewwwwwww
And they even put time line - 24hr notice. Make them go carry boko haram come. Silly people.

Every 3 years, new LGA chairmen are sworn in. what do they actually do while in office? No one knows. You just get to see one dead borehole repainted and boldly written on - REFURBISHED BY SO AND SO LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA CHAIRMAN. And that is it! nothing from them again till the next election.
Wetin i dey do for office sef? Na to join politics follow my mates hammer, na im be the way forward ooo. Any connections?


  1. Sounds like someone wants to be bribed..

  2. LMAO @"Merriment/Entertainment permit ko, shitting in my toilet permit ni" i'm literally in my office in tears of laughter over that lol.

    I can't even get past all the grammatical errors in this document. Just a mess.

  3. There is obviously a law which she flouted, she can ask to see the bill or wait for legal proceedings to contest it. We want Nigeria to be lawful, let us do things the right way.

  4. LMAO @ merriment permit ko, shitting in my toilet permit ni. For crying out loud, they didn't do anything wrong. The party was in their compound. Even if they chose to set up canopies sef, it's normal cos people have child dedications and all sorts of parties in their compounds. Those council people are rogues jare. What will they now say to those people that have owambe party and block the roads with their canopies. Shioooorrrrrr. They just want to be bribed Shikena.

  5. Another example of a law with good intentions being exploited by unscrupulous officials. They need to challenge the fine, if not other people may suffer similar fate.

  6. the eko has baje already.what nonsense,they are looking for bribe

  7. @ Myne - there is actually a law against 'blocking the road and obstructing traffic while partying' in Lagos. If anyone flouts that, council people dont even wait to write you, they land at the party with 'black maria' and scoop up celebrant(s) and anyone else that cant run fast enuf! As for being fined for having a party inside ur fenced compound, there is no law against that and this people are just looking to see if this woman will fall 'mugu'. Cos as we naijas say 'mugu fall, guy man chop'


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