Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Gists from the hols! (Part 1)

The strike, embarked upon by the NLC and the TUC, the strike which grounded any form of economic and social activity in the country for 6 whole days, the strike which we felt we had the same goals for - has been suspended!

Suspension - A postponment of a decision or judgement,temporary discontinuation.
That is my understanding of the word 'suspension'. So now, help me understand, did NLC just temporarily halt this to go back to it if the demands are not met? Or have they called it off completely but dont know how to tell Nigerians that they cant go ahead with their resolve to stick to their demand of total reversal to N65? Did they bring us out to the middle of the road and just leave us stranded? Did they use us to achieve something?

I dont know if N97 is worth all the wahala that has been on since 9th of January??? Thought we said we were not going to settle for less???

How do u feel about this whole episode????

Anyway, that isnt my gist for the day. I had promised to give you gists from my travelssssss (please note the multiple 's'). Yes na. i did a lot of travelling, saw so many sites. Should i name them? ok, ok i will. I went through Ogun, Ondo, Edo (not the kind of places you had in mind abi? lol) Europe, USA, Asia, Abeokuta, Cotonou, Anambra - e  no matter. Afterall, travel na travel, Journey na Journey! Shikena!

My journey to the east was quite eventful. I will start from there but 1st make una help  me thank Baba God for the journey mercies to and fro. Chei, im too do well for me. I heard so many tales of road mishaps that i almost didnt want to travel. But then i thought 'Dont you trust God?' Well, i do, so i enter road.

From Lagos to Ore was uneventful. Well, apart from the 300 and above police checkpoints that one had to pass through between Lagos and Ore and the accompanying traffic these check points caused, nothing much happened. We stopped at Ore to have lunch and rest a while before continuing. Just before entering Edo state (that ofosu area), a trailer carrying a container that was driving in front of us suddenly stopped. We almost ran into the damn thing sef. Before we could say 'Jack' the driver of the truck don climb down. Guess what - he was completely naked!!!! Yes, you hear me well, d guy no wear cloth, no wear boxers no wear nothing! Birthday suit live and direct! The sudden stop don already cause traffic. The guy came down from the truck, his conductor came down the other side wearing only a very 'dorty' looking boxers (the dirtness of the boxers needed to be written in pidgin to be comprehended). At this point, i was petrified out of my skin. I asked my hubby to try and maneuver his way out of that spot as i thought they were armed robbers or something. Thing is, we couldnt move from our position cos there was already a car behind us and we were so close to the truck. We were stuck.

The truck driver and his conductor totally ignored us and all other confused and scared looking motorists and headed straight for an SUV which was just behind the car beside us. Check out blows!!! Before the truck driver got to the SUV driver, the SUV driver had already landed him one blow on his face. A boy of not more than 17yrs came down from the SUV with a stick with which he hit the truck driver on the head from behind, jumped the road median and ran in the opposite direction with one unknown guy in hot pursuit. Blood gushed from the truck drver's head, serious blood ooo. The truck driver yelled, 'get me the knife!' The conductor ran back to the truck and came back with a cutlass. 2 women from the SUV were running helter skelter yelling and trying to stop the fight while still raining abuses on the truck guys. One of the women had a black eye.

Trust Naija people, we no wait to find out the rest, once cutlass show, people make way for forest! See as cars just dey zoom dey pass the tiny space wey the truck remain for road. I was so so so scared. We left the area and d drama and ran. Abeg, i never do New Year, na im person wan make i see nonsense.
I couldnt figure out what i just saw. Maybe the truck people and the SUV people had had a disagreement somewhere behind, maybe where they stopped to eat. A disagreement that probably degenerated to a fight (seeing the dirty body of the guys and the black eye of one of the women) Maybe this fight was seperated much to the displeasure of the truck occupants who had to continue the fight on the road where he hoped he wouldnt be stopped. Well, he ended up with a broken head before the New Year.

And why would anyone fight naked?????

Anyway, let me leave the gist here for now. Stay tuned for more of what happened during the hols.

Happy Subsidis and Subsidat ooo. lol. Stay safe guys.



  1. Fighting naked is a fetish thing and naked means they cant hold your shirt, pants belt etc. Some even oil their bodies in preparation!!!!

  2. wow, that is scary and crazy>...so you abandoned your car and ran. LOL

  3. Wow, that must have been confusing while it happened. You guys did well to vamoose. happy new year!

  4. Na wa for Naija people ooo. I wonder what could have transpired between the truck people and the owners of the SUV. Ewwwwwww @ the driver been naked. What was that supposed to achieve. Anyway, glad you and hubby were unharmed.

  5. Lol..
    Now this cracked me up..
    Especially the self preservation ability of my people.


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