Thursday, 28 July 2011

Who was the 1st person you had a crush on?

Crushes. we all have them. sometimes we outgrow them, sometimes we dont. sometimes they last for years, sometimes they die down after a little while. Some crushes are reachable (you can actually reach them if u want) some are not recheable (like having a crush on Micheal Jackson! - when he was alive ooo)what are these crushes sef? they are simply infatuations! You see someone, in real life or on TV and u just think 'wow, i would love to be with this person'. now it depends on you to say what kind of 'be with' you mean. it could be that u would love to be his/her friend. it could be that u'd love to be his/her lover. either way, u want the person
I am sure we have felt this way one time or another - with that ur classmate, that ur neighbour, that musician, that actor, that designer, that ur boss etc
Now think back, who was the 1st person u had a crush on?
My 1st crush was a nollywood actor back in the days - Ernest Obi! (local league? yeah i know) wonder where he is now sef. who was urs???

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