Thursday, 28 July 2011

What songs take you down memory lane?

Sometimes, u hear a song and you stop in your tracks. 'That song, oh that song'. It probably has reminded you of something - either something you would rather not remember or something sweet, that u'd want to savour for the time being.
I have loads of songs like that. i heard one this morning & i have been in my secondary school since then! Casanova by Daniel Wilson (all those born between 1980 and 1985 should somehow know this song) it was the in thing of the time. "excuse me my lady, tell me what's your name, all i need is a girl like you spending all with me...................". this song took me back to JSS1 and reminded me of my school mother. She used to take me to their senior's hostel and MAKE me sing the whole entire song to her class mates and to sing it with all the swag of a musician o! if i dare frown my face while singing it or not move my body the way Daniel Wilson would, i am in hot okro soup!
Other songs that are my drivers down memory lane are 'African Queen' and 'Ole' by Tuface - takes me to 3rd year in university when i just started living on my own and i bought my 1st radio. I thought i had arrived o. I always played Tu face's album but these 2 songs stand out in my mind. Then there is 'Yori Yori' by Bracket - My traditional wedding ceremony. i danced and danced and danced (or rather i TRIED to dance and dance and dance cos i wouldnt really say i pull it off well. lol). N'abania by Flavour and Love is wicked by Brick & Lace now those remind me of a very good, interesting but troublesome friend and her boyfriend. wonder where she is now. They broke up and i havent heard from her since. she used to be so much fun to be with.
What songs drive YOU down memory lane and where do they take you to????


  1. I think I have a lot of these 'drivers'. Heard one jst the other day: Just the two of us - Grover Washington. Reminds me of one saturday in the office with my former boss and some of my colleagues. The song was playing on the radio and all of a sudden we all joined in and formed a mini karaoke! It was and still is a beautiful memory; togetherness, bonds formed,... #im almost tearing up already# :)

  2. Hmm. I can relate with this post in so many ways. When I hear Craig David - 7 days I remember secondary school. Also boys 2 men makes me remember our social night I'm secondary school. When I hear jays especially songs from the black album I remember my ex and how we used to chill in school. When I hear Memphis bleek - I remember our first date. When I hear Joe - I rmember the earlier days of my fiance and i's relationship. When I hear one naeto c's song I remember his old car. I can go on and on

  3. Naeto c's song reminds u of his old car? He must have played it a lot in that car. Maybe he should have left the car as an artifact to remind u guys of how it all started. lol. (just kidding)

  4. gawd, i gave a long list for this one. Daniel Wilson was d bomb...wonder where he is.
    Most of Celine dion songs remind me of UCH particularly "only one road and call the man"#longstory
    "Tease me" got my sibling in trouble so i rember dat
    Luther's "i know" reminds me of my 100l
    Phil Collins reminds me of 200 level
    Wayne wonder, Sean Paul, Elephant man reminds me of 300/400 in my room (those were fun times)


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