Monday, 19 March 2012

Who exactly is the 'Maga'?

*singing* "Maga don pay shout halleluyah, oooooo. Mugu don pay shout halleluyah."
When Kelly Handosme dropped that 'hit track' we all shook our booty to the beats. That was until some people started raising the question 'should anyone be happy and dance to making a 419 score?' Kelly Handsome immediately replied that he didnt mean the 'maga' in the 419 way. That he meant......... (cant even remember what silly explanation he gave at the time)
We all hear of 'mugus' that fall allowing 'guy man' to chop. These 'mugus' are actually people, humans like us, with blood running through their veins.
The video below made me cry.

In as much as we ridicle victims of internet scammers, calling them gullible, we should just take out time and try to understand what makes them give in to these scams and scammers.

These people have probably, been hurting, have been seeking love and comfort and a sense of belonging. They find 'answers' to their prayers online in the guise of a lovely looking guy/lady. They are happy - these scammers make them happy. Then they are put in the position where they think that they have a chance of making their 'dream man/woman' happy also - by giving them money (sometimes, their entire life savings + the one they borrow!)

They part with the money and that is it! Love + dream man/woman + money disappears, poof, into thin air.

These people are left broken physically, mentally psychologically etc. Some might even kill themselves.

Now, the scammers may think "No harm. i am not forcing them to give me anything. they gave me of their own free will. i am not a thief".
Bull Shit!!!
You are as much a thief as any daylight robber out there! You pretended to be someone you are not, and under these pretences you acquired from someone with no intentions whatsoever of keeping your end of the bargain. That is ROBBERY - short and simple. No difference from what our politicians do to us.

And look at the guy in the centre of all this - the Bidemi guy. Just a regular looking guy. But has probably used his ill-gotten, blood money to erect one outstanding structure in Lekki phase with girls falling over themselves for him. He had 81 other australian women in his contact list! People no just get fear of God honestly.

The last part of that video brought the most tears to my eyes.
Guy: ".......If you dont see the warts in their eyes, If they are not buying you a drink, Dont talk to them" 
Rosanne: "Noone buys me a drink, thats the whole problem"

Makes me wonder if the westerners actually have a point in not trusting Nigerians. *sigh*


  1. my dear true talk.the thing i don't get is,these so-called scammers have talents i don't just get why theu can't put it into good use.thief na thief o like i always say.yer your right,this is why 'oyibo' as they r called can never trust us e go hard.

  2. Of course there are Nigerian scammers, but I don't think they're significant to make me bothered.

  3. I feel your pain Amaka, but i'll be very honest it's the situation in this country that pushes young men into things like this. If you live in Nigeria you won't believe how desperate people are to make it. It doesn't matter what you do to get the money - JUST GET IT. That is the unspoken code of conduct on our streets today. And our leaders are not doing anything to help the situation. If anything, our rulers are devising more creative ways to milk this country dry. What then is a young man to do, who has been looking for a job 7 years after graduation? Think about it. It's a simple case of cause and effect.

    Most of these scammers are in their twenties. Oh well, i get what you're saying.

  4. these people are obviously talented to be able to get many people to buy into them. i just wish they can use these talents to do well for themselves without robbing people. sad.

  5. Scamming and all forms of deception are illegal and should be condemned. However, we really need to begin to understand why these things happen.

    I suspect lack of opportunities and youth unemployment are part of a bigger issue that needs to be confronted. A materialistic society that we have become certainly doesn't help.

  6. Not that i support fraudsters but anyone who hands over their hard earned money to someone they met online and havent even seen face to face deserve exactly what they get for being foolish.


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