Friday, 2 March 2012

Lets talk surgery!

Cosmetic surgery, i mean.
We see and hear about people who have gone under the knife for breast implants, hip enlargement, waist reduction, tummy tuck, face lift, nose jobs etc (ol boy, the things dem plenty ooo)
Now, there are so many people in this parts, who immediately criticize such people whenever they hear such things. I remember in 2005 when the news of the death of the then 1st lady filtered in. People were quite sad at first for her death until it was known that she died as a result of complications arising from a cosmetic surgery gone wrong. 

Come and see the spitting of venom.

A lot of people thought she deserved it "since she didnt want to grow old". That she would have been alive "if she had kept herself the way God made her". Made me wonder.
Now i ask "what exactly is wrong with having a cosmetic surgery"?
I mean what's the difference between having a sugery to make ur waist smaller and wearing a magic suit to do the same thing? Aside from the fact that the former is more expensive and kind of more permanent?
Is it the danger involved in these surgeries that make people castigate the lovers of this trade?
Ladies fix eyelashes, trim eyebrows, wear body magic that leaves no room for breathing yet once we hear someone had her face lifted, we sound the war drums and take the fight to the person's backyard.
I asked my aunty, that period Stella Obasanjo died, a question. I said to her "aunty, if i offer to pay for you to have your tummy fat removed surgically (she was always complianing of her big tummy and her laziness at exercising) will you do it?" She couldnt give me a straight reply.

So does it mean its lack of money that makes us view cosmetic surgery as a sin or is it just bad?

I dont have any intentions whatsoever of having any, by the way.


  1. First time on here
    First one to comment on this post...yayyyy me, doing the break dance (btw, is that still hip)

    Seriously, this made me think hard and my thoughts say briefly ''The only objections I have against cosmetic surgery are breast implants and face lifts''. Talk about losing your self-worth. To me, it means you (not you though) have a distorted self-image and looking like a plastic doll is the way to go. What happened to the beautiful you that God created? It's an insult to his creation. Aside that,if you got excess weight and exercise just doesn't do it, a little liposuction is okay at least for health sake.

    I know I said briefly but my mind just had to ramble on. Lol. Following you :)

  2. ok seriously for me i don't see anything wrong with cosmetic surgery i mean if you can afford it why not and like they say if you want it buy it.
    my only problem is when people over do it and start looking like ghost now that's where i have a problem.

  3. I totally agree with Martha. If you want to enhance yourself, no problem. Just make it look good and don't go about begging for money to do it and it should be well done so you don't look like a ghost.

  4. It's not my cup of tea but I wont judge anyone who feels the need to. What a lot of people who go through surgery actually need is counselling though in my opinion.


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