Friday, 18 May 2012

How to stop the spread of HIV - Words of a "wise" man

MDC-T Senator for Chikomo, Morgan Femai
Zimbabwe- Women should always have bald heads, lose weight and dress shabbily to reduce their attractiveness as part of measures to curb the spread of HIV, Senator for Chikomo, Morgan Femai said yesterday.
MDC-T Senator for Chikomo, Morgan Femai
Addressing Zimbabwe Parliamentarians on an HIV sensitisation workshop here yesterday, Sen Femai proposed that women should also be circumcised. He said HIV is spreading at an alarming rate because men find it difficult to resist women because they are becoming more attractive.
“What I propose is that Government should come up with a law that compels women to have their heads clean-shaven like what the Apostolic sects do. We have never heard that those people (Apostolic sects) are promiscuous so the women should have their heads shaved. They should also not bath because that is what has caused all these problems (spread of HIV),” Sen Femai said.

oooook! Senator has spoken. Women, ngwanu, no more 'baffing' for us. no more makeup, no more great looking cloths. We have to stop the scourge of the deadly virus, we have to create an HIV free generation - and it begins with us. I havnet had my bath today and dont plan to till d end of the week. (oh its weekend already hehehehehe)

I know just sabi wetin to tell this guy honestly. HIV is spreading ,so na woman go bear the brunt.
Nekwa isi ya! Mschewwwwwww.


  1. Is this guy for real? He's the type that will soon go and contract HIV cos of ignorance.

  2. this guy is a typical mumu...what a chauvinist...How dare he utter such? The men too should control their sexual urges & put padlock on their thingies...

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